Western dating sites versus foreign dating sites

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Western dating sites versus foreign dating sites

Post by Seeker »

What have your experiences been like on Western dating sites? Though I had a girlfriend I made a profile on Plenty of Fish about a year and a half ago just as an experiment to see what kind of a reaction I would get. On POF I got about 3 or 4 unsolicited messages a week (from UK women) for the first few weeks, after which I must have dropped off the search engine because I hardly got messaged after that. I think a good looking white guy who is at least an 8/10 in facial looks gets on average 1 message a day, or about twice what I got. All but one of the women who messaged me were white, a lot of them were overweight or average looking or single mums. Some them seemed slutty in a bad way, that is to say, slutty without having the sexiness to carry it off. Only two of them were both good looking and nice, a pretty blonde girl who was a student teacher and pretty mixed race girl who looked like a better looking version of Rihanna. So of the women who sent me unsolicited messages only two met my standards.

How does this compare with foreign sites? On DIA I got over 50 messages a day sometimes, especially when I was actively clicking on profiles, though it's a shame that most of them say nothing more than "Hi". On the numerous Cupid media sites I was on I averaged several "interests" everyday, though I was a free member and couldn't read the messages they sent. On the Russian and Ukrainian ones I was "favourited" by some real beauties, while the only girl to favourite me on POF was a rather harsh faced looking Geordie lass wearing office clothes. A majority of the women who sent me interest or messages were datable and certainly fuckable, in direct contrast to my experience on Western dating sites. The magnitude of the response differs like night and day compared with Western dating sites, but one has to remember that many of the women on foreign sites are motivated by money, and some are outright scammers, though so far I've been lucky enough to avoid them.

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Post by walrusface »

Well 3 or 4 messages a week from Plenty of Shit is pretty good going I reckon. I've been on there for years and never really had much luck. But I guess I don't log in much so my profile won't come up a lot in the search.
My friend has 3 girls who seem interested in him on there. The messages I do get are usually from fatties, although not always. But if they aren't fat I am never really attracted to them anyway. The more I see of those kind of profiles on there and the kind of crap they write makes me more interested in finding a foreign woman. I just generally don't even think there are many attractive women on there. The ones who are anywhere near half decent are going to be inundated with messages as well, which is even more off putting
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Re: Western dating sites versus foreign dating sites

Post by Zambales »

Quantity over quality. Easy to get a date. Easy to get laid. Applies to both.

While foreign sites of today are predominantly made up of scammers, western sites comprise mainly of sluts, wacko's & degenerates.

So what if you're looking for a proper relationship? If it's with a western chick - good luck with that one. If it's with a foreigner, the best strategy deemed by some is to go to a country and hang out there for awhile. You could however set up a few dates from the sites before you go on the premise they may be in the minority and actually could be genuine. If they happen to turn out to be below your requirements, at least you have the insurance in meeting other women so it won't be a wasted trip.
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