Fake German Socialite Convicted for Fraud in New York

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Fake German Socialite Convicted for Fraud in New York

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The story of Russian scammer Anna Sorokin (aka Anna Delvey) has many layers to it. But most important is it shows how females tend to view money as an "It will all work out" phenomenon, how third-rate social climbers are so easily duped, and how one's appearance incongruent with her claimed status should be a dead giveaway. One look at Anna's face, behavior, attire, and status cues immediately mark her as a fake in my opinion.

Ultimately, this is a story of a female psychopath of which there are many. But because America remains the land of females as worshipped goddesses, the Anna Sorokins of the world will continue to flock here and become drunk with the culture of female privilege which grants them every benefit of the doubt.
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Re: Fake German Socialite Convicted for Fraud in New York

Post by Yohan »

At least this trash girl - a nothing who is a braggart and fraudster - was sent to jail for a while - USA made it possible. In Europe she would likely serve in months what she got in USA in years. Generally women always get away with much more lenient punishment than men.

The question remains who are these idiots who give this woman so much money without any background check.
How can you believe all and everything because it comes out of the mouth of a female? Women never lie - they always say only the truth...women as victims? - While I have no compassion for this tramp, I also have no compassion for these people who gave her money.
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