American women vs Latinas

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American women vs Latinas

Post by Erasmus »

American women

Latina American women

Any Questions?
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Post by Travel Dude »

Funny....many American women look way worst than the picture you are showing.
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Post by Enishi »

Now that me and my russian lady friend decided that a long term/long distance relationship would not work due to various circumstances, my eye is turning towards latinas. There's just something about the combination of dark hair, lightly tanned brown skin and curves which sends my libido into overdrive (it applies to filipinas too, though I prefer caucasian facial features). I have a greek female friend who has a similar appearance. omigod. :oops:
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Re: American women vs Latinas

Post by Rock »

Erasmus wrote:American women

Latina American women

Any Questions?
I've seen that first photo above. Its part of an add campaign for one of the big retailers (forgot which one) targeting fuller figured women.

Here's the irony. A good percentage of American women are actually much bigger than that. That first photo flatters them. But in Rio, there are a lot of average women who approximate those body types.

A lot of Latinas in Brazil and other countries are thick bodied. Not all look petite like in the second photo. They're just on average, much less likely to be obese than Americans. However, Mexico is catching-up fast.
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Post by baletetree »

Ad? Let me guess...........DOVE!
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