Latin American women and American women = same thing

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Banano wrote:
September 12th, 2011, 7:35 pm
Why people on this forum keep bashing AW only??What about German women, they are no more feminine than their American counterparts,cold, robotic antisocial(unless beer is involved)...
Sure Scandinavians are not any better either otherwise we would hear about it ?
Follow the simple rule, if you want women and dating is high on your priority list then stay away from germanic speaking countries, these countires are good for jobs and money but everything else sucks..
A good comment, I was asking the same in this forum many times. I am originally from Central Europe but not living there anymore.

USA and UK for dating are the worst countries I ever have seen.

Central and Northern Europe are not so much better - the behavior however of those women is less hateful, laws are a little bit better for men, and the entire society is not into lawsuits. Law enforcement is much softer - no authority will send a man to jail if he cannot pay child support, alimony in general is limited to a few years only, regulated in percentages of your income. You will not live in a van financially totally broken after a divorce like in the States.

However women in Europe show up with a very low level of morality, starting early with sex with multiple boyfriends, are not marriage-minded - but compared to USA, women take more care of their bodies, better clothes, not so overweight..

Keep in mind it is not easy to find a nice girl for long term relationship in Western/Northern Europe.

As said above by 'Banano', such European countries are good for jobs and money and offer you social security....but otherwise?

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Re: Latin American women and American women = same thing

Post by Falcon »

Latin America is actually a subset of America.
You know some Spanish speakers actually refer to the U.S. and Canada as América anglosaxona (Anglo-Saxon America)?

But seriously, Latin American and North American cultures and women are very different.
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