Do you think Asian woman want a white husband to get cute children?

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Re: Do you think Asian woman want a white husband to get cute children?

Post by OutWest »

Cornfed wrote:
December 9th, 2018, 11:07 am
OutWest wrote:
December 9th, 2018, 8:02 am
MatureDJ wrote:
November 23rd, 2018, 11:55 pm
I was watching this video that proclaims the worldwide preference of white men to any other race. It shows Asian women saying how they don't want a man of their own race as they think that including the White Man's genes will make their children better looking than if they were to be homoethnic.
Still true for many Filipina and they can be quite flagrant about it, at least away from Manila. A young housekeeper suggested that while my wife was gone, she would "take care of you" so she could have white baby.
Which would of course be fine if you didn't have to pay for it.
True, but the complications seem to be in the fine print... unintended consequences...and they always seem to impose themselves with the worst possible timing.
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Re: Do you think Asian woman want a white husband to get cute children?

Post by MatureDJ »

Winston wrote:
November 24th, 2018, 4:19 pm
Its definitely true in Philippines. Filipino women are not shy to admit that they like having a half white baby. Since everyone there is mixed anyway, its no loss since there is no racial purity or homogeny there.
So how is Winston such a stud with the Filipinas? He's just adding more yellow stock to the mixture!
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Re: Do you think Asian woman want a white husband to get cute children?

Post by CannedHam »

MatureDJ wrote:
December 9th, 2018, 3:06 am
CannedHam wrote:
November 24th, 2018, 3:31 pm
A Chinese girl I had been chatting with online flat out invited me to get her pregnant. No support needed from me to raise the baby, her and her parents would do it. She was that desperate for a mixed kid. I declined.

On average mixed white + Asian girls look great and are very desirable in the US. Mixed white + Asian men also do better than 100% Asian men in the US, and can do VERY well in their respective Asian country. I knew a guy in college that was half Chinese/American - very successful career, spoke Mandarin very well, moderately attractive by US standards etc. He had so-so luck in the US with women, but was an absolute ROCK STAR when he went to China. He had women throwing themselves at him, parents of women begging him to date their daughters, etc.
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Re: Do you think Asian woman want a white husband to get cute children?

Post by flowerthief00 »

I'm still not buying it. If the premise were true, we would see this in multiple Asian countries, not just the ones with low per capita GDP--suggesting instead that they are interested in snagging the White dude more for what their bank account will look like than for what their kids will look like.

Of the only two positive examples given here, Philippines and China, well, my jury is out on China.... But I do believe all the stories I am hearing about the Philippines.

Now do you guys really consider Philippines a typical Asian country? It has strong Western influence, with English language and culture being understood decently well (better than in other places at least), and a history of interracial mixing. It also has a low per capita GDP and low standard of living. Again, how can you be sure the women throwing themselves at you are not actually more interested in your money.

And as for Chinese women, if they actually did want a White husband more for having cute children than for money you would see the phenomenon in other places where Chinese are prevalent regardless of GDP or standard of living. Taiwan. Singapore. Chinese-heavy communities around the world. The Chinatown nearest you. So, is that what you actually see?
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Re: Do you think Asian woman want a white husband to get cute children?

Post by chanta76 »

flowerthief00 ,

I have to agree. There is sub culture of Asian women in all asian countries that do want a white guy but it's not the majority of Asian women in most countries.

In the Philippines. You have other men of other race getting it on with Philippine women. Black men, other Asian men , Indian men's like Philippines girls would hook up or marry anyone really.
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Re: Do you think Asian woman want a white husband to get cute children?

Post by yick »

I have heard numerous times that 'half-blood' children are indeed cuter and more intelligent but would the Chinese female population want one wholesale? Not from what I know - I think they're usually making an unscientific obeservation rather than making a statement of desire. Life would be hard in this present climate for any mixed race Chinese kid - especially outside Beijing and Shanghai.
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