Vietnamese, Thai or Filipina girls

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Re: Vietnamese, Thai or Filipina girls

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MrMan wrote:Oh yes, I forgot. There are churches that speak the languages of the regional dialect. Large cities may have English services or English speaking congregations. You get a lot of Asian expats at those meetings and local Indonesians who speak English well. Some of those people studied abroad or they just speak English. Some of them go to a local congregation, too. When I was younger, some of the unmarried women would say hi to me every week and we'd have a little congregation. I think some of the women went there to find expatriate Christian husbands. Most of the men were married, though. I got married off, which shrunk the potential dating pool by one.

So if i want an english protestant church i basically can only be in jakarta or some other very large city?

LOL that may mean its easier to find a woman in church in those countries cause for example in phil they speak english in most so ther eis nothing special but if you go to those english ones in indonesia or vietnam or whatever then it would be like a meat market ;)

who was married off, all the expats? so the english churches are mostly where white foreigners go with their wives?
what percentage of male white foreigners as a percentage of the members were at the indonesian english ones you went to?
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