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Post by sushiman »

I had a great time in China and would suggest a few basic things: 1) yes to the Mandain conversation basics CD, and 2) yes to setting up meetings online before you go.

Just goto, do searches and get in touch with people in the cities you will visit. Let them know when you will be there, if they pass your coolness test let them know they can be your guide. Also let them know you are not closed minded about finding a good wife on your trip...this little comment is important. Dress smart.

Walking around aimlessly hoping you are going to bump into some great girl and that perhaps she will speak English is hopeless.

A guide solves all sorts of problems. Navigating China without a local chick is frustrating and frankly boring. I had a different guide every day! :)

Also Winston may have had a different experience but I found it insanely easy to get laid in China, in fact I even had hot saucy stalkers! :o

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Post by ethan_sg »

Hey Winston,

Don't know where you got the impression that I'm East Indian but I'm actually Chinese by ethnicity like you, but Singaporean by nationality. I attended University in America so I've lived there for a few years. I've also lived for almost a year in China (study abroad and internship) and still frequently visit China in the hope of finding a way to settle there some day.

I used to be in a long term relationship with a Taiwanese girl who also attended my University in America and this also gave me the opportunity to frequently visit Taipei a few years ago. I spent a summer in Taipei a few years ago during the summer break. I've also been to Japan a few times to visit friends.

I'm currently stuck in the rat race in Singapore, enslaved to corporate world, but looking for a way out and looking for avenues in China to retreat to.

Popular perception is manipulated by popular culture and popular culture is dictated by the media and the powers that be. As close as Taiwan is to China, most people in China have never been to Taiwan. It's difficult to travel out of China as a Chinese citizen, you need all sorts of visas and have to go through all sorts of red tape. Only the very rich or working girls (through underhand means) tend to have been outside of the country. It's just like how it wouldn't make sense to see Korean dramas as an accurate depiction of life in Korea. Many Chinese in China also think that virtually every white person is a millionaire, it doesn't make it true. It's a popular perception that's conveyed by Hollywood and the Western media.

In Taiwan you're literally a short boat ride away from Xiamen, why don't you pay a visit? Isn't being bold and adventurous in one's travels a big part of what this site is about? I do think that Sushiman (see his post above) gives some very useful advice too though. Chinese people are generally pretty friendly and easy to talk to, but this applies much more so if you're introduced to them than if you cold approach them; not saying that the latter doesn't work of course.

Winston wrote:Ethan,

You would think that since China is next to Taiwan, people there should know what it's like there, or at least know from popular perception or hearsay?

So you've been to both China and Taiwan? How do you know all this? Aren't you East Indian and therefore exotic in those countries? What ethnicity are you?

I was referring to positive eye contact, the kind you get in Europe or Russia. Not the negative stares.

What about the body language in China?

At the very least, more girls in China write me back on dating sites than girls in Taiwan do. So even if I can't do cold approaches in China, at least I can meet a lot of girls there on dating sites.
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Post by Winston »

Oh sorry. I thought you were another Ethan who emailed me long ago. That Ethan was East Indian.

Anyway, since China and Taiwan aren't on good terms, why would the Chinese media portray Taiwan positively or in a glamorous manner?

You mean there is a boat to Xiamen from Taiwan? How do I take it? I asked around and no one knew anything about a boat from Taiwan to China. Do you have a link to more info?
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Post by Jacaré »

Great thread guys! Great posts by some of you! Much appreciated!
Btw, how is driving in China? Is it crazy? I'm thinking of having a car (convertible BMW) shipped to China when I come spend a few months to a year there. Thoughts on that guys?

Is it a big benefit to have a nice ride in China? Is it a good idea to drive there? Is it safe to be driving in a nice ride? Safe in the sense of it not being at risk of getting stolen or you as the driver attacked or worse, kidnapped?

Thanks guys!
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Post by xiongmao »

If you drive a car in China you're crazy. The Buddhists drive round not caring if they get killed, because they'll just be reincarnated.

I watched a TV show where a Beijing taxi collected a woman from the airport, then drove the wrong way down the motorway because it was quicker.

I saw 3 accidents in Guangzhou, there would have been more had the roads been less busy and speeds higher.

Hubei has some roads in the mountains and I was terrified I would die in a bus plunge accident. Crossing the road in Wuhan was horribly dangerous.
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Post by Winston »

For anyone going to China, here is a great travel site with info on different places and attractions:
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Post by LocDout »

Winston wrote:I'm in Kaoshiung now, getting my driver's license for Taiwan, so I can go out and do things when my parents go back to America.

I noticed that there are a lot of tourists from mainland China here, esp at the night market. They seem very different than Taiwanese. They seem more crude, vulgar, act more low class, speak an ugly sounding Cantonese language, but at the same time, there is something about them that seemed cold blooded and ruthless. The last time I felt that way around people was when I was in Tijuana, Mexico. You got that feeling that anything goes and that you could be pickpocketed at any time, as though lawlessness was the norm. I can see why Taiwanese don't like them or their manners. Needless to say, they did seem to walk less defensively and therefore seemed more approachable. But they didn't seem to make any eye contact with strangers. Lots of girls had killer hot white long legs.

Is this how mainland Chinese usually are? If so, it must not feel very safe there, does it?

What's your take?

Also, is there more eye contact with strangers in China than in Taiwan?
Nothing is as it seems. People in America seem friendly, it doesn't mean they actually want to be your friend. Likewise, in mainland China, people may seem unfriendly, or cold blooded as you call it, but they are probably the ones that you can trust, not all, but they seem a lot more sincere. I listen to a lot of Taiwanese talk, and they are trained from day one to sound phony, or say things they don't actually mean. In Chinese, they call it 催牛. These Taiwanese are so shallow. They ask such stupid questions like, do you think this woman is beautiful right in front of them, and if you don't praise them, then they say 你不会讲话。So I guess I have to be a b.s. artist to 会讲话。Ok, I get it. It's just not a sincere society. I'd much rather have someone be upfront, and speak how they really feel, than to try to deceive me. Even the Taiwanese will admit it themselves that they are bs artists. So many Taiwanese claim to know all these important people, when in fact they don't. If you ask them about something, they will act like they can do it, when in fact, they haven't a chance.
Taiwanese people are obsesed with the way they look. Even the men. The more you spend on your exterior, the less you spend on your interior, meaning your inner character, how you present yourself, and how benevolent you are. This is why most of the attractive women are biches, no matter where you go.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is, the kinds of mainlanders who visit Taiwan may not necesarily represent the ordinary mainlander. In order to get a visa to Taiwan, you need to have something like $5000 in your bank account. This narrows it down to a small segment of the population, mainly the bourgeoisie class, who will tend to be more aggressive than the working class. That's why you can't judge a country by its tourists, because the ones who go overseas are mostly rich.

Taiwanese present themselves as friendly, or harmless, but they're the ones you got to look out for and will stab you in the back. Same goes for Hong Kong. After mainland China's liberation, most of the criminals, and thugs fled the mainland and headed for 2 places, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, so theoretically, Taiwan is much more ruthless than the mainland. This is why you have thugs like Guo Tai Ming abusing his workers on the mainland. Those were the types they kicked out during the revolution, and have no return to go back to their dirty tricks again. Mainland China is much safer than any western country I've ever seen. The reason why Taiwanese, and Hongers like to give people the impression that the mainland is a "dangerous" place is because their job is to subvert China. These are two regimes propped up by the U.S, and Britain strictly to destabilise Asia. They serve a similar purpose to the south Korean and Japanese regime. East Asia must be unstable in order for the west to prosper. If China became united, then it puts the west at a disadvantage geopolitically. Taiwan also uses their dirty tricks as a bargaining chip. If the Taiwan regime acted in a civilised manner, then they'd have nothing to bargain with, in terms of gaining concesions on the mainland. Politically speaking, I think it's safe to believe the exact opposite of what a Taiwanese says. I've never seen a bunch of people more brain washed, along with Hongers. One way you know that you can't trust what a Taiwanes or Honger says is how they only talk about the bad news happening on the mainland. They are completely silent when it comes to dodgy stuff going on in western countries. This pretty much reveals their role as puppets of the west. Do people get their drinks spiked in the west? Absolutely. So how come you never hear about this from the Taiwanese. If the Taiwanese were really credible, then they'd warn people about emigrating to the U.S., and from reading your biography, it looks like you went through hell growing up in the U.S as a Chinese-american. You are not the only Chinese-american who had a miserable experience, yet no one seems to be warning anyone about the U.S.. This exposes Taiwanese for their biased nature, and that's why I don't find them credible. Their political associations with the U.S. regime also make them suspect from the begining. Just because everyone thinks something (in this case it is the mainland being "dangerous") does not mean it's true.

A lot of people all over the world think that america is a great country that represents freedom and democracy. This does not mean it's true. In fact, I have found america to be a very undemocratic and authoritarian regime. There's also a lot of people who believe that america and europe are really fighting terror. Little do they know, they're the ones who are sponsoring the terrorism. Heck, most people at one time even believed the earth was flat. People also believe that god is real with no evidence whatsoever. Just like how american girls believe that only white guys are cute. It doesn't mean white guys are actually cute. It's an idea that is drilled into people's heads through decades of brain washing. Popular belief is not always accurate. In many cases it is drilled into people's head through propaganda, the media, internet shills, and even academia, especially academia. I often say, the better school you went to, the more brain washed you are, which explains why these clowns that graduated from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are the most ignorant people you'll meet. Talk to some black american high school drop outs, and they're actually some of the most enlightened people you'll ever meet, despite the bad rap that they get from mainstream american society. Lot's of black americans were actually 10 years ahead of me on knowledge on many terms. They know about stuff that most people will never figure out in their lifetime. You see, a lot of these black people are taught to question everything they see from day one. They're conspiracy theorists the minute they're born. It is with this kind of skepticsm that makes them immune to the bullcrap that is taught in western society. This is something that we non-blacks are not taught. Instead, we are raised to believe the bullshet that white society feeds us, so we put our guard down and allow all the disinformation to get inside our head. Just like we take their medicine, even though it will kill us. The smart ones will eventually figure out that it's all bogus, but it will still take time to unlearn everything, and look at things from a skeptical point of view.

A lot of Taiwanese are also but hurt that they lost legitimacy to rule China, so that's why they spread nasty rumours about the mainland. This is one the reasons I respect the mainland and not Taiwan, because regardless of what the mainlanders think, they don't really try to make other people look bad or spread nasty rumours. The way to judge a place is not by how nice people can be but how nasty people can be. While mainlanders are not friendly people, they are tolerant, and don't purposely try to make people feel bad. A lot of westerners will straight up tell foreigners to get out of their country. You won't generally hear any mainlanders saying this, even though some outsiders are in the mainland with no other purpose than to screw up China. Mainlanders are true gentlemen, and do not talk smack about others. Meanwhile, you always hear Taiwanese, and Hongers talking loads of trash. I automatically lose respect for them as a result. And actually, this kind of behaviour is very un-Chinese. So basically, the Hongers, and Taiwanese have been turned into barbarians.
Another thing that really bothers me about Hongers and Taiwanese is how they defend western imperialism. If a mainlander does something, they jump all over it, if a white guy does the same thing, they are silent, or even make excuses for them. This kind of uncle tom behaviour is truly embarasing.

Eye contact is not a Chinese thing. This is something that westerners do to each other. Same thing goes for firm hand shakes. Eye contact is not necesarily a good thing, and is very trivial when it comes to Chinese relations. You can't look at something with western standards. In fact, some people may even think it's a bad thing. I remember hearing somewhere that making eye contact is actually disrespectful in China, and in other cultures as well. This is not represive. Represive is telling people they can't spit on the floor. Represive is telling me I can't urinate in the bushes if I can't find a toilet. But you see, the fascists turn it around and turn the represive things into good things, and the natural things into represive things. China is not a country where you go to pick up girls, and the ones who are willing to get picked up are dodgy, and not the kind of people you want to hang around with anyway. Chinese women look for serious relationships, not dates. They're not just going to talk to random people on the street like westerners.

As far as mainland friendliness goes, they are fairly hospitable, especially towards foreigners. Most mainlanders will offer to pay for dinner to foreign guests. This is something generally not seen in the west. Boy, I would like to see a Honger, or Taiwanese say, "these damn gwailos are so cheap, they can't even offer to pay for dinner to foreign guests. What kinds of savages they are." No, you would never hear this coming out of a Taiwanese or Hongers mouth, because all they can do is criticise their own people, which further discredits them. Who the heck wants to listen to a traitor? It's actually a crime for a child not to support their elderly parents in the mainland, but you never hear mainlanders criticising others for abandoning their parents. Most Chinese are shocked to hear about westerners abandoning their parents, but they don't sensationalise it and try to make westerners look uncivilised. On the other hand, if a westerner gets hold of negative news in China, they blast it all over the airwaves Gangnam style, and make it look like a horrible place. It gives the wrong impression about China.

This is also one of the reasons why I don't respect the western way of doing things. Actually, I find it difficult believing anything coming out of the west, or their puppet regimes, because it is like the boy who cried wolf. If the west keeps lying, then why should I believe them, even when they are telling the truth? When I look at a mainlander, I tell myself, this is what a true champion is made out of. He's someone that doesn't need to bash others to feel good about himself. Another thing to keep in mind is that mainland China changed a lot after 1978. This is when Deng Xiao Ping took over. I remember visiting the mainland in the 1970's and it was a different place back then. People trusted each other, and there was no crime.
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Post by zboy1 »

Dude, I had to edit your post because it was unreadable! Please use paragraphs and spaces next time! I already did it for you, but next time, please use paragraphs and spaces! Repeat, use paragraphs and spaces!
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Post by Jacaré »

AMAZING post and insight! Thank you for posting it! We need more intelligent posters like you to enlighten us about China and Asia in general and less whiners!

Enjoyed reading your awesome insight about China! Thank you for sharing your vast experience of China! Please keep dropping the golden gems!

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