QQ Messenger - How to meet Chinese girls on there?

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QQ Messenger - How to meet Chinese girls on there?

Post by The_Hero_of_Men »

I am installing QQ Instant Messenger on my computer, and I am just wondering as to how I can meet Chinese girls on there, assuming it's a good way to do so?
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Post by xiongmao »

Hi Hero,

You can meet Chinese girls just on QQ. However I prefer to go on a Chinese dating site and ask girls for their QQ number (once I've sent them a couple of messages and think they're interesting). Chinese Love Links and China Love Match are the best pay sites, DateInAsia is free but you get what you pay for (i.e. a poor search facility and loads of scammers).

A word of warning though - there are quite a few QQ scammers around, and a lot of Chinese people use the blocking feature to stop new people adding them to your QQ. This used to be much the same with MSN/AOL IM a few years ago. Personally I don't chat to any random stranger who adds me to my QQ.

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Post by Winston »

You can search in the member directory and send messages to girls profiles and add them to your friends list. They often add you as well out of nowhere.

Just to let you all know, QQ International (the English version) is now available for Android App. I just installed it on my Android phone. Just go to Google Play Store and enter "QQ" or "QQ International" in the search field.

If you already have the Chinese version though, you will probably have to uninstall it first. When you do though, all the chat transcripts will be erased. That's what happened on mine. I don't know how to retrieve the chat transcripts from QQ's server though. With Skype, you can retrieve chat messages from any time in the past I think. But I haven't found a way to do that with QQ yet.

Here's the description page for it on Google Play Store website:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... eqqi&hl=en

Note: You have to go there from your smart phone to download it.
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