Filipino Freethinkers

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Filipino Freethinkers

Post by Mr S »

Wow, I didn't realize there were that many here in the Philippines!
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Post by MarkDY »

That is good news.
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Post by odbo »

filipino atheists. yawn :roll:
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Post by Winston »

They have meetups in Metro Manila. Maybe I should go and meet some quality educated Filipinos there? That'd be much better than the crap I meet in Angeles City. ... eethinker/

They use the term Secularism on their site, but not Atheism. Since they claim that "no idea is sacred and that everything is subject to rational inquiry", I wonder if it's ok to critique Atheism then? lol A lot of Atheists are hypocritical in that regard, they consider all belief systems to be attackable except their own. lol
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