To those who use the 'mail order bride' trope

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To those who use the 'mail order bride' trope

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Hi people,


I was talking about some Russian female friends of mine I met through volunteering in France a few years ago and (accidentally) brought up the topic of how foul-mannered a lot of local English girls are in comparison and why there couldn't more English girls that are as polite, cultured and gracious as they are. Guess what the PC brigade did? Accused me of looking for a mail order bride! Jesus Christ. How dare they refer to my friends Maria, Tatiana, Irina, Kat and Natalya male order brides, HOW DARE YOU! You fat, ugly, ignorant social justice warrior scum, who are you to make such judgements?

The point I have made regarding differences in local and foreign is a very valid one.

The problem is, a lot of young people in this country have terrible shoddy social skills in comparison to people I've met overseas. The biggest difference I've noticed between local girls and foreign ones is that there isn't this 'every man outside my social circle is a rapist' mentality; the defensiveness, the up-tightness. You know what I mean? That's a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion, it's readily observable and openly discussed among co-patriots I've met travelling. It's a point people don't like to hear, especially the PC brigade. Why can't people use this as an opportunity to learn from foreign women and make themselves into better people?

They are using that trope as a way to make someone else look shameful, so that they can make themselves look like they're on the moral high ground, to gain a little bit of popularity among their little clique. To resort to such tactics is proving them not only to be cowards, but the most ultimate of groveling sycophants too. It's pathetic, I have no time for it. I hate the PC brigade so much.
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