Build Up To World War 3 - The Nightmare Scenario

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Build Up To World War 3 - The Nightmare Scenario

Post by Taco »

Here's something to look forward to.

Build Up To WW3 - The Nightmare Scenario
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Post by abcdavid01 »

Man, I don't know what I would do. I love America. I don't think America exists anymore. It's like there's been a bloodless coup. Do I still show allegiance to a corpse of former glory? I don't know who I would even support.
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Post by bababui »

This is supposedly what's happening. I don't think anything truthful ever circulates on the internet, but this story sounds a lot more believable than most of the crap that shows up in the Wall Street Journal, or BBC.

To date the heart of the initial stages of the China Pivot involve building a massive anti-Ballistic Missile Defense ring around Chinato neutralize China’s nuclear strike potential. During the final months of 2011 the Obama Administration clearly defined a new public military threat doctrine for US military readiness in the wake of the US military failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. During a Presidential trip to the Far East, while in Australia, the US President unveiled what is being termed the Obama Doctrine.[5]

The following sections from Obama’s speech in Australia are worth citing in detail:

With most of the world’s nuclear power and some half of humanity, Asia will largely define whether the century ahead will be marked by conflict or cooperation…As President, I have, therefore, made a deliberate and strategic decision — …the United States will play a larger and long-term role in shaping this region and its future…I have directed my national security team to make our presence and mission in the Asia Pacific a top priority… We will preserve our unique ability to project power and deter threats to peace…The United States is a Pacific power, and we are here to stay. Indeed, we are already modernizing America’s defense posture across the Asia Pacific. ..We see our new posture here in Australia…I believe we can address shared challenges, such as proliferation and maritime security, including cooperation in the South China Sea.[6]

On August 24, 2012the New York Wall Street Journal reported that the Obama Administration as part of its newly-announced policy of China Pivot, will expand its missile-defense shield, Ballistic Missile Defense or BMD as it is known in the military, in the Asia-Pacific region. [7]

The official reason given by the Pentagon for its new BMD deployment to the Asian theater is to protect Japan, South Korea and other US allied countries in the region against a North Korean nuclear missile attack. That argument doesn’t stand close scrutiny.

In reality, according to numerous reports, Washington has decided to invest in a major Ballistic Missile Defense network using Japan, South Korea and Australia. The real target of the BMD system is not North Korea, but rather the Peoples’ Republic of China, the only power in the region possessing even a potential nuclear threat with serious long-range delivery capabilities. It is part of the new Pentagon strategy of imposing full control over the future development of China.

The Washington BMD offensive has to be viewed as well in the light of the well-timed Japanese government decision to deliberately provoke tension with China over the disputed Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea, a region believed to be vastly rich in natural gas reserves.[8]

Part III: Japan Missile Defense Key

In September 2012, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the United Statesand Japan had reached a major agreement to deploy a second major advanced missile-defense radar on Japanese territory.[9] In his announcement Panetta declared, “The purpose of this is to enhance our ability to defend Japan. It’s also designed to help forward-deployed US forces and it also will be effective in protecting the US homeland from the North Korean ballistic missile threat.â€￾[10] A glance at the map shows the nuclear holes in Panetta’s statement. Chinese missile sites are just across the Korean border, well in range of the US-Japan new BMD installation.

The Washington decision to place advanced BMD infrastructure in Japan was made long ago as part of a US strategy of global military dominance. The BMD cooperation with Japan began in earnest on December 19, 2003, when the Japanese government issued the cabinet decision “On Introduction of Ballistic Missile Defense System and Other Measures.â€￾ Ever since, establishing a robust missile defense system has been a Japan national security priority.

Under the current Japanese government’s interpretation of Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution, Japan’s participation in collective self-defense is prohibited, as is using missile defense capabilities to defend a third country–even an ally such as the United States. Shinzo Abe, head of the Liberal Democratic Party, almost certain to become Prime Minister after the December 16 Lower House elections, is a strong advocate of BMD and of changing Article 9. That means we can expect a major shift to a more militant anti-China military posture from Tokyo. [11]

According to US military press accounts, the most important feature of the new Japanese BMD project will be installation of a powerful early-warning radar, ‘X-band’, made by Raytheon Co. It’s “a large, phased-array fire control sensor, featuring precision discrimination and interceptor support,â€￾ designed to counter threats from ‘rogue states.’ It will be installed on an unnamed southern Japanese island.[12]

Japan’s defense minister Satoshi Morimoto confirmed that Tokyo and Washington “have had various discussions over missile defenses, including how to deploy the US’s X-Band radar system.â€￾ [13] Japan already hosts one X-Band radar in the northern prefecture of Aomori, since 2006. It’s heavily opposed by local residents who fear, not without good reason, that the presence of the radar makes them a target for potential enemy attacks.[14]

BMD across Asia

The US move to prioritize its BMD installation in Asia involves not only Japan. Washington is also helping India improve its new missile defense system. The Indians want to build a multi-layer missile defense network with US help. Publicly India’s government cites Pakistan as the reason. Privately, it’s China. India test-fired its Agni-V intermediate range ballistic missile earlier this year and the Indian press openly cited the system’s ability to strike anywhere in China as the most important feature.[15]

According to Steven Hildreth, a missile-defense expert with the Washington Congressional Research Service, the USA is “laying the foundationsâ€￾ for a region-wide missile defense system that would consist of US ballistic missile defenses combined with those of regional powers, particularly Japan, South Korea and Australia. Although supposedly aimed at containing threats from North Korea, Hildreth also stated, “the reality is that we’re also looking longer term at the elephant in the room, which is China.â€￾ According to a report in the Wall Street Journal the X-band arc would allow the US to ‘peer deeper’ into China, in addition to North Korea. [16]

As well, there are reports from unnamed US Defense Department officials that a third X-Band radar would be positioned in the Philippines, allowing the Pentagon to accurately track ballistic missiles launched from North Korea but also from large parts of China.[17]

In addition to Japan, Washington has invited South Korea and Australia to join the Asian BMD program. The official Chinese English language daily, Global Times, pointed out, “Among the nuclear powers, China has the smallest number of nuclear weapons. It is also the only country to make a ‘no first use’ commitment. Installing a missile defense system in Asia disrespects China’s nuclear policy.â€￾

The Global Times article notes further, “If Japan, South Korea and Australia join the system, a vicious arms race in Asia may follow. It is not what China wants to see, but it will have to deal with it if the arms race happens. The US is creating waves in Asia. The region may see more conflicts intensify in the future. China should make utmost efforts to prevent it, but prepare for the worst.â€￾ [18]

Part V: BMD encourages Nuclear First Strike

The US BMD strategy in Asia follows a decision by the Bush and Obama Administrations to first deploy BMD in a ring surrounding Russia with installations in Poland, the Czech Republic andTurkey, aimed at Russia’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile arsenal. As prominent retired US military officers have warned, deploying Ballistic Missile Defense against a potential nuclear opponent, whether Russia or China or North Korea or Iran is madness in strict military strategy terms.

With even a primitive missile defense shield, the US could launch a first strike attack against Russian or Chinese missile silos and submarine fleets with less fear of effective retaliation; the few remaining Russian or Chinese nuclear missiles would be unable to launch a response sufficiently destructive.

During the Cold War, the ability of the Warsaw Pact and NATO to mutually annihilate one another had led to a nuclear stalemate dubbed by military strategists, MAD—Mutually Assured Destruction. It was scary but, in a bizarre sense, more stable than what would come with a unilateral US pursuit of nuclear primacy. MAD was based on the prospect of mutual nuclear annihilation with no decisive advantage for either side; it led to a world in which nuclear war had been ‘unthinkable.’

Now the US, with BMD in Europe against Russia and in Asia against China, is pursuing the possibility of nuclear war as ‘thinkable.’ That is really and truly ‘mad.’

The first nation with a ballistic missile ‘defense’ shield (BMD) would de facto have ‘first strike ability,’ making BMD not defensive but offensive in the extreme. Lt. Colonel Robert Bowman, Director of the US Air Force Missile Defense Program during the Reagan era, recently called missile defense, “the missing link to a First Strike.â€￾ [19] BMD gives an incentive to make a first nuclear strike, something never before imaginable owing to the lack of certainty one’s nation would not become nuclear radioactive rubble. In military terms, BMD is offensive, not defensive contrary to the name, and should properly be named Ballistic Missile Offense.

Bowman further notes:

Under Reagan and Bush I, it was called the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO). Under President Clinton, it became the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO). Now Bush II made it the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and has given it the freedom from oversight and audit previously enjoyed only by the black or top secret programs. If Congress doesn’t act soon, this new independent agency may take their essentially unlimited budget and spend it outside of public and Congressional scrutiny on weapons that we won’t know anything about until they’re in space. In theory, then, the space warriors would rule the world, able to destroy any target on earth without warning. Will these new super weapons bring the American people security? Hardly. [20]

Washington’s major deployment of BMD across Asia is a major reason likely for the sudden decision to delay the 18th Party Congress until after the US elections to see whether China faced a President Romney or President Obama. What has materialized in terms of US military decisions in the few months since Obama first proclaimed his Asia Pivot and Obama Doctrine makes clear why China is increasingly nervous about Obama ‘pivots.’

F. William Engdahl is economist and geopolitical analyst. More about his various books and articles can be found on


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abcdavid01 wrote:Man, I don't know what I would do. I love America. I don't think America exists anymore. It's like there's been a bloodless coup. Do I still show allegiance to a corpse of former glory? I don't know who I would even support.
i dont think you will get a choice on who you would support. you'll be shouting, "hey man, i'm an american", right before they drag you off to the internment camps. just as many japananese americans had to pretend to be chinese during ww2, you might have to pretend to be filipino just to stay alive
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Post by abcdavid01 »

Oh no, most likely I'll be getting out beforehand. Singapore maybe, I dunno.
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Post by Dragon »

abcdavid01 wrote:Oh no, most likely I'll be getting out beforehand. Singapore maybe, I dunno.
Generally for a guy like you, you should avoid Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan, and maybe Thailand. They're really too westernized and more of the same.
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Post by Jvargasbronx »

abcdavid01 wrote:Oh no, most likely I'll be getting out beforehand. Singapore maybe, I dunno.
You rather move to a place where Westernization isn't touched.
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Post by Dragon »

This really retarded. At 1:04 when the guy says "they're trying to sell you a world war because they have nothing better to do" is the most bullshit argument in the history of tin-foil hatters. You guys need better reasoning than "lawlz the shadow world government is evil." No world war is going to happen anytime soon. Such a huge war would devastate the world economy. Everyone is too dependent on each other for their money to flow. Just remember when the housing market crashed in the US; it f***ed up other countries. The people with money from any country don't want anything that will ruin much of their businesses and kill their profit margins.

It doesn't mean there are not benefits to be had for the wealthy elite with conflict. It's called war profiteering. That's a different subject. Invading a insignificant country like Iraq for its oil and multinational companies selling weapons and "reconstruction" services to the US military for outrageous sums of money is profitable. ... rofiteers/

Instigating a global conflict that leaves countless dead and major countries in ruin is not. It doesn't benefit the wealthy elite at all. If you're a billionaire and there's no one to buy your products, mow your lawns, and drive your around in your limo because everyone is dead from your country being riddled thermonuclear craters, it's going to be pointless. There will be no world war 3. Just a lot more dead brown people.
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i agree with dragon and jvargas. going to "countries" like singapore isnt much of an escape. singapore isnt likely to round up Chinese looking guys into concentration camps, but regimes like singapore, taiwan, hong kong, south korea, japan, and the philipines are basically pupets of the west. furthermore, if the u.s was to do an invasion on mainland China, singapore, taiwan, hong kong, south korea, japan, and the philipines would all be staging areas for an attack. almost all of these regimes conduct regular military exercises with the u.s. regime to menace mainland China. if the u.s regime were to launch an attack from one of these places, a counter attack from mainland China on these places would follow. hong kong has a PLA base, but there remains a huge british influence on the city. in fact, the british have considerably more influence in hong kong than the mainland Chinese do. this is evident by their corrupt media. you can argue that hong kong is more anti Chinese than even america itself. the same goes for taiwan, which by the way does not have a pla base. but both these places take in heavy anti Chinese psyops and are bred to hate. think of the tea party in america's attitude towards immigrants. hongers, and taiwanese are brain washed into the same ideas, except their hatred is directed towards their own mainland compatriots. the white man has, to a certain degree, brainwashed the taiwanese and hongers to hate their own. it's a classic divide and conquer scenario. if you keep the Chinese fighting against each other, then this gives the west an upper hand, economically, militarily, etc. even india and vietnam are not safe, because the u.s. regime is talking about installing a missile defence shield in india, and docking u.s. military ships in viet nam. in the event of an attack by the u.s. regime, all of these places will be used by the u.s military. and as mentioned in another post, missile defence shields sound "defensive" in nature, but are actually offensive, and used to compliment a nuclear first strike done by the u.s regime.
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Post by Winston »

Stefan Molyneux - The Road to World War 3: Ukraine, Russia and American Imperialism

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"It takes far less effort to find and move to the society that has what you want than it does to try to reconstruct an existing society to match your standards." - Harry Browne
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Post by Moretorque »

America is just an extension of the British Empire, all our power centers have been captured by the implementation and use of this fake money system over the last century.

Dictators love counterfeit money because it allows them to run a command economy with a iron fist! This is all made possible because people do not understand the purpose of forcing the world governments to use a honest money system.
Unbacked currencies are the currencies of fascist and they have the whole system designed to deflect attention away from this fact so they can remain in charge and loot the people of the world and get all the worlds riches for free.
Time to Hide!
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