Primal Blueprint (Diet) for the Mind

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Primal Blueprint (Diet) for the Mind

Post by Eric »

Has anyone ever thought that a primal, paleolithic diet not only does good for the body, but that it might be applied to the mind as well?

I've done this diet before with fantastic/amazing results for my body and my general health. So many people suffer & struggle with problems in their mind, from modern ways of thinking/ overintellectualization, overthinking. Since the enlightenment man has been saddled with such mental bullshit, and before that even the mores of Religion, etc - which is a lot of mental psychological bullshit.
Our society rewards bot like behavior and rewards against smart, capable individuals thinking up their own things - this lessens productivity, because any mental productivity is not valued. Hence why highly smart individuals often feel outcast from society.
As we can see with most things man-made, they actually don't help anything and make us worse in the long run. In man's attempt to placate life and make it more comfortable, but we can't play God, we netted ourselves in, saddled in our own bullshit can't see the way out clearly anymore, we have lost our dexterity that comes from being a 'natural man'.

I've thought that we might apply this logic to our mental life as well. What do you think?
I'm talking caveman style thought ( food/sex/ group affinity I belong to) etc. I know it sounds ridiculous and overly simple, but if you think about it; just like the food, our bodies and our selves actually are paleolithic humans and designed to act/think/behave like this. It actually works, even in this modern world, as strange as it sounds.

I've sort of tried it already, and it seems to work wonderfully. I'm more attentive, alert, responsive. I'm more attuned to what's going on around me.....respond better to women and everything etc. I have a problem with thinking, too much carrying things on, it's as if my mind doesn't have an attenuation switch mind leads me wherever I go. Whatever is this problem, I've tried everything, nothing works - well. It's a serious issue. I've had it my whole (adult) life, since I became 13, and started thinking for myself. It's very intense, makes me very moody and trapped inside my own interpretations. My mind shifts from this to this, it's like the weather. I dont' understand it and don't understand why others don't deal with it (the same issue), or have they found a way to deal. I've thought I'm Aspergers or have tendencies, that there's something wrong with me because of my singular fixative focus, emphasis on the literal, and my problems with people and with myself. I've tried and tried to do and be different; with failure as a result, this tells me the problem is intrinsic. When I've told other people, in my family, about it. They claim nothing is wrong with me that they don't see anything out of the ordinary, they say I'm "too hard on myself", which infuriates me because it seems like I'm doing it to myself, it's all imagined up in my head, which makes me feel crazy.
I've always been self conscious, analytical and aware. I was shy as a child, sensitive to my surroundings. I'm very bright and I have a high sensitivity to others - unfortunately I think this inhibited me from developing a solid personality - for fear of offending others or always trying to make sure they like me.
Anyways, I feel I need something drastic that works, cuts all the crap out of my mind.

A factory reset. Nothing else works, a clean healthy diet and a healthy mind is the best we can achieve anyways for our body and mind.
Misery and happiness are only states of mind.
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Re: Primal Blueprint (Diet) for the Mind

Post by Moretorque »

Having a healthy diet and exercise routine is tuff to beat but for me to be at ease in life was getting over my urge to have a family.

We are programmed to procreate and to stuff this can create all kinds of quirky mental issues in my opinion.
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