How Some Women View Your Offers to Help Them

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How Some Women View Your Offers to Help Them

Post by Teal Lantern »

I was going to put this in "comedy", but if you've ever done any of these things, it wouldn't be very funny to you (reading some of the comments :shock: ) -- so take it as a lesson in personal development. :D

The first 3 mins show the 'car trouble' experiment.
Even while noting no women stop to help, she critiques the men who DO stop.
Each man gets the "my boyfriend is on the way" line ... except when the car battery actually died. :roll:

benevolent sexism (formerly known as female privilege)
benevolent == I benefit
sexism == I still don't appreciate it.

Someone on another forum put it
"a husband's job is to shoo away men that the woman doesn't want to screw."

The good news is by these definitions, I'm not sexist AT ALL. :) :)
Strong independent fem standing roadside?
She'd better have on good walking shoes, or be pretty enough for a "sexist" to take interest in.
I vroom-vroom on by. :razz:
не поглеждай назад. 8)

"Even an American judge is unlikely to award child support for imputed children." - FredOnEverything

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Post by Jester »

Good observations.
"Well actually, she's not REALLY my daughter. But she does like to call me Daddy... at certain moments..."
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