Is Winston harboring anger & hate?

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Is Winston harboring anger & hate?

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Dr. Quack thinks so!

Dr.Quack on Youtube wrote:On 14 JAN 2010, General Quack contacted Winston Wu (operator of the website) asking him to reconsider the debaucherous life he leads now that he has a son. Winston has been a valiant warrior against the skeptic crowd and is a stage actor friend of John Benneth (YouTube's Bandershot; who is also Dr. Quack's colleague & pal), but his behavior is scandalous, hurtful to women, hurtful to the mother of his son, and ultimately self & family destructive. Someday he might regret it like an ex-porn star.

Therefore, Dr. Quack proposed that Winston's public persona of basically soft-porn and sex tourist womanizing might be transformed over time into something great and American patriot....if only Winston might desire to serve a cause greater than himself. Wu...Winston an Asian who speaks a few languages, travels well, has lost his earlier wallflower ways, and -- if able to conquer his psychiatric difficulties among a childhood of torturous rejection by peers, deep anger, and extreme narcissism brought on by existence in psychological Regression -- Dr. Quack believes no man is impossible to redeem or abandoned by God. Dr. Quack argues to Winston that even the worst and most shameful of situations which seem hopeless can be transformed to legendary good done. He reminds Winston that this perpetual quest for "putang" and exhibitionism is actually driven by a deeper need for ACCEPTANCE BY PEERS and LOVE, but that his womanizing is not really based in "sex-addiction" or lust. Rather, it was originally rooted in a dangerous anger at women and children. Winston makes many truthful observations about the shallowness of American society and women, but that is not the case for all or most of them. While offshore women are certainly different and often more traditional (particularly upkeeping a good act for Winston's American dollar!), Dr. Quack believes Wu's observations and conclusions there are based in remnant anger and resentment. Winston: If offshore women are so wonderful, why did you not stop with all the beauties in Russia? In other nations? What still drives you? It is not at all a love of women. Sex is the crutch and substitute masking the anger! Let it go. Forgive. Live. Be truly happy. Anger mixed with sex and sex tourism is a slippery slope that leads to only exponential perversion.

Outside of this, there may only be one stud in all the world and that is Sir Ducksalot. Rescuer of the Queen; All princesses want him; All men want to be him. There is a difference between a lover of all the world's women, quack defense of their virtues, and a blatant womanizer, Winston. Dr. Quack shall proceed to provide public counseling and suggestion of homeopathic remedy to Winston Wu in the hopes that he may find his way. Dr. Quack is a self-serving celebrity just like Dr. Phil, you know.

Though Dr. Quack counseled Winston in private, the exhibitionist in him insisted on posting the correspondence to his forum here:

viewtopic.php?t=6948&start=0&postdays=0 ... highlight=

Should Winston Wu manage to take his personal life more stable and shed his anger and compulsions over time, then, yes, he would make a very fine Austin Powers. Without that, however, such would only lead to bad things.
Dr. Quack had hoped Winston might like to transform his life and it is not yet too late. The homeopathic remedy, Hyos, is very fitting for this particular case.
Mr S wrote:Yeah, I think there is a subconscious affiliation to his chosen persona name more then he realizes. Why would someone waste their time with useless dribble instead of putting efforts into something more constructive? I can't even understand what the puppets are saying half the time. There are some really lonely men out there in America land crying for help and attention...
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