Attn Foreign Women: Internet Income Opportunity On HA!

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Attn Foreign Women: Internet Income Opportunity On HA!

Post by Winston »

Hi all,
Ever since the Ladies Forum has been restored after it went down from Godaddy's server problems, the traffic on it has not returned. So it's remained inactive. I also don't have the time or energy to promote it or create content on it.

So here's my plan. I'm going to follow some of you guys' suggestion and try to find a foreign woman to run it. It would have to be a capable foreign woman who would be able to bring in at least 10 other foreign women to participate regularly, to make it grow and stay active.

In exchange, I would have to offer her some incentives of course. So I would offer to put the Google banner ads on the forum in her name, so she can earn an income stream from it. And she would be allowed to place affiliate ads to make commissions on it as well. Another benefit for her is that since HappierAbroad has a high search engine ranking in Google and Yahoo, the content produced there would get high rankings as well. So the content there would rank much higher than a forum that was started from scratch under a new domain name.

In addition, if she were to bring in a group of foreign women posting there, then that would give you guys an incentive to participate in language/culture exchange with them as well, or in Q&A sessions with them. That's what some of you said you wanted. Remember you guys said that you preferred that the Ladies Forum be run by foreign women rather than Western women who want to go abroad.

This would be sort of an internet business opportunity for them, one that they could control and grow. The only problem is finding the right foreign woman to do this.

Do any of you know any potential candidates? Or shall I place a business opportunity ad somewhere on a freelancing site like Odesk or Elance?

I know some foreign girls but I don't know how capable they would be at this. Maybe I should ask that Ukrainian girl I met in Vegas if she'd be interested. Her English is very good and she is very open minded and curious. But I don't know if she would be able to get 10 foreign girls to participate on a regular basis.

Attention Foreign Women:

If you are a foreign woman and interested in this opportunity, then please PM me. To qualify, you must meeting the following criteria:

- Have decent English skills.
- Enjoy writing and posting in forums.
- Be computer literate and able to learn how to use simple admin control panels.
- Be able to get at least 10 other foreign women to participate in the forum on a regular basis. If not, at least 5 then.

In exchange you will get:

- You can run your own banner advertising on the forum and make money from them, such as Google Adsense, affiliate commission ads, etc.
- You will receive high search engine ranking on all content you produce, which will be indexed in Google and Yahoo with high placement.
- You will have access to a forum that is already up and running, so you don't have to create one or install one, or pay for your own domain name or web hosting. Thus the foundation will already be built for you.
- You will be able to dictate the rules your way and be the manager.
- I will help bring you additional traffic by promoting your content on my forum and mailing list, and encourage the guys in my forum to participate with your members in language/culture exchange.

If this sounds good and you think you might qualify, please PM me. Here is the link to the Ladies Forum if you want to look at it:

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