The sad thing about loneliness in America

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Well, here's the thing(s)--

It's true that you can't automatically create positive results just by thinking about fly, walk through walls, whatever...but we've been told we'd never run eight-minute miles, fly, or break the sound barrier, and we've done all of those things, because at least one person said "I think I CAN do that".

Now, thinking you're Tom Cruise might not attract women to you automatically (actually, it'll attract GUYS, hahaha)...but thinking you're Ernest Borgnine will probably DETRACT women from you. A lot of advisors say "Just be yourself", which is OK provided your 'self' is likeable. If I was "Just myself", I'd be drunk 24/7. So I say "Be yourself, but the best version of yourself you can present". And it works a lot better.

I think it's great that you're humble in public--we all ought to be--but you shouldn't act like you have no self esteem either, there's no benefit to that.

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