Why bars suck for meeting people; 4 ways people can meet new people

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Why bars suck for meeting people; 4 ways people can meet new people

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Hi all, I'm sure this topic has come up before. Bars are only good for meeting people if you already know people or are a regular. Here's ways you can meet people in bars, some might not be applicable in Anglo environments;
  • They're easy to organize gatherings; have friends bring down people they know; a party hosted in a venue that's not the house
  • Friends you're out with can bump into people they know who you can get talking to
  • You can bump-into nodding-acuaintances met in other settings (e.g. people you met at classes, friends of friends)
  • Becoming a regular; if you know regular customers and staff by face as 'nodding acquaintances', you'll get to expand your circle that way
In conclusion.

Barring the 'regular' aspect, meeting new people in bars is the big old social catch 22; have to know trillions of people to meet people (in Anglo-America).

Now yesterday & a few days before I was watching some youtuber aussie guys in Thailand. Wow! How open people are to meeting new people? Just simply asking whether they're busy, how's it going etc. I wish people were that friendly in bloody England. People in England and America seriously need to stop seeing people outside their cliques as threats.
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