1 in 3 Americans Fears International Travel and Flights

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newlifeinphilippines wrote:
Falcon wrote:Avoid minority (non-white) and female officers if you can. That's because they have inferiority complexes and try harder to impress their superiors. The most laid-back officers are usually the old white guys, since they're at the top of the food chain.

Many of them are obviously military veterans and have probably manned checkpoints in Iraq and Afghanistan. Go figure.
Not always. This last time the Chinse middle aged immigration guy put a 1 on my thing which meant no "search" just free to get out of airport. Last time it was a black guy who gave me an x and i got a long interrogation from a white guy who was the worst of all and his superior who was white. Thankfully they didn't search my computer but its gave me one more reason why i dont like traveling. The other 2 times i went i think the immigration officers were white and i think one gave me a x and one didnt cause the first one i got searched but 2nd one he just asked couple questions and i was out of the airport. Im gonna avoid black and female immigration officers though cause i think your theory is right with them. they are the ones in charge of putting something on your card for secondary inspection at the airport..

The line was very long this time though it was saturday night in San francisco in august. I guess cause it was a summer. Las time was august also but a sunday and not quite as busy. next time i wont go on a sunday back to the u.s. are weekday nights busy at airports compared to saturday usually?
Not always, but there's a trend. I meant many of them, of course, but not all. I've seen black officers are quite laid-back and cool with things, and white ones who are ferocious.
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