What is the best thing about living in America?

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The threat of extremely long prison sentences coupled with homosexual rape keep people in line.
True but then we have the highest prison population filled with non-violent drug users. Prison has become a business too. And prison rape is something that needs to be stopped everywhere. Innocent people can be wrongly convicted too.
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Repatriate wrote:Best thing about America:

1) Rule of law.If you haven't lived overseas you don't understand why this is important.

2) Decent infrastructure. Where i'm at it's top notch and if you have a problem it can be fixed within an hour at the max.

3) Cheap consumer products. Apple etc.. is cheaper than anywhere.

4) Good service.

5) Cheap real estate.

I don't hate America to be honest.it's not a bad trade off.
100% agree with this post. I wake every day and am thankful to have been born in America. Yeah there's problems but you can address those problems with your feet...move them.
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