A letter to protest tax-funded misandry

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A letter to protest tax-funded misandry

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Letter sent by Deborah Fellows, President of the New York Civil Rights Council, to Julie L. Gerberding, MD, MPH, Director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protest tax-funded and government sponsored misandry. She writes, Ms. Gerberding, I also have a dream. I too want to see man and women walking hand in hand. I too want to see the day where a person is respected based upon the content of their character and not the color of their skin or the gender they were born (or now a days the gender they may become) I too would like to know my grandson is as safe as my granddaughter... Full letter is attached below.

ulie L. Gerberding, MD, MPH, Director
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
1600 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30333

Dear Ms. Gerberding,

Last year I was contacted by a woman named Jennifer Lee of Hartford University. She was doing research� for national Domestic Violence research paper which was to be published.

The criterion of the survey was that the group I am President of, The New York Civil Rights Council had to be representing only women. The notice came with a warning not to spread this questionnaire to men� groups or groups that also represented men. I was among four groups that got this survey. The other three groups were: The National Organization for Women; The Battered Mothers Custody Conference and; Stop The Violence another battered women's group.

The intro to this questionnaire was that Ms. Lee knew that courts often award custody of children over to men who are domestically terrorizing women and children.

Several of the questioned poised were:

Were you a victim of domestic violence?
Have you ever lost custody of your children to your ex?
Where you treated fairly in Family Court?
Did you seek help?
Where you able to get help?
Do you feel that you were treated badly because you are female?

I contacted Ms. Lee about the study. She immediately turned me over to her supervising Professor�. This woman came at me with vengeance. She was what you all call abusive�. She called me names, she attacked my credentials, and she attacked my group and me personally.

I forwarded her email to several of the Deans. The response I got was a favorable one, they all apologized for Ms. Kathy McCloskey, Ph.D., Psy.D., ABPPs actions but that didn't stop the research.

Several other Professors from reputable Universities have done the same kind of research and published their works. One of the most damaging to a blind public is called the Truth Commission� - Dr. Mo Theresa Hannah. Ms Hannah asked 25 women from across the United States that were all attending the Battered Mothers Custody Conference in Loudonville, New York the same questions Ms. Lee was asking other victim based groups. To no surprise the report that came from this group was grossly inaccurate and a complete misrepresentation of reality.

One may ask, why? One theory here is that over the last generation that a few but determined women were willing to put the nation on the whole in danger to reach their full potential control and revenge. Public outcries were working but not fast enough. They had to enter the souls of the next generation, they had to enter our schools, and they did.

Women studies appeared overnight and everywhere. Statistics like One in Four females will be sexually molested by the time their 21� or Super bowl Sunday incidences of domestic violence raise by a factor of four� started to appear. They were repeated so much they did become the truth. But when true and factual reports came out to counter balance the manipulated reports they had to come up with another way of getting their message of hatred and prejudices across. They infiltrated the Governments. They had to manipulate the questions to fulfill their data. Henceforth Propaganda was again born.

Why some may say; What difference does it make? If it helps one abused woman?� The difference is that there millions of abuse victims every year being turned down for that help. There is a national movement to vilify 50% of the victims based upon nothing less then the gender they were born. Where else have we seen this? In the 1960s with Segregation and anyone that supported the Negro�. In the 1940s with the attempt to eliminate the Jewish population and anyone that supported the Jews.

Ms. Gerberding, I also have a dream. I too want to see man and women walking hand in hand. I too want to see the day where a person is respected based upon the content of their character and not the color of their skin or the gender they were born (or now a days the gender they may become) I too would like to know my grandson is as safe as my granddaughter but today I worry about him. I worry that because of the chromosomes his mother and father gave to him he is being hunted down like some kind of crazed animal.

I go to my States capitol and I am continually bombarded by bill boards that show a representation of my grandson and the headline reads: Teach your son to respect women� I drive a little further and see another. This one reads: Violence against Women is never OK�. I turn on my radio and the messages are the same and on every channel. But where are the signs and commercials that say: Respect each other� or Violence against humanity is never OK�? If you read deeper into this campaign they justify it on a 1999 New York State report that states 85% of all domestic violence victims are women. If you look closer they received that data from interviewing federally/state funded domestic violence shelters that only helped women. If you read the 2005 report the data is severely different. Domestic violence fell by 37% and 48% of all domestic violence victims are male. If you dig deeper into this Federally and Stated funded program, it states that when a male witnesses domestic violence against a female that they are encouraged to use necessary force to put an end to the violence. Violence begets Violence but only if its males against males.

When I was a child I witnessed boy after boy being molested by trusted people in authority. I can clearly remember when one teenage boy told his mother and father that he was molested by his clergyman he was slapped across the face and punished. I remember when these boys became men and they began to gather as groups and tried to get help, they were ignored and punished by our government and the public. It was not until they found a few female victims did the stories start to be published. But only the stories of the little girls.

Last year, in Albany New York, a Judge hearing a molestation case actually called the perpetrator the victim� stating that she� was seduced by the 13 and 14 year old boys she had repeated sexual contact with.

I have witnessed man after man be hit, forced to turn over their paychecks, work second and third jobs so their wives can have Botox injections and carry designer bags to lunch, be humiliated, told what to wear and what to think. But we don't think twice about this as abuse.

I have seen parents buy their little girls shirts that say: Girls Rule; Boys suck or Boys are Stupid; Throw rocks at them�. I stopped watching prime time television because that is all you see. A few weeks ago I was channel surfing and caught a glimpse of Kelsey Grammar so I paused. The woman from Everyone Loves Raymond� was co-starring. She backed, what appeared to be a ten or twelve year old boy into the corner and then physically and verbally attacked him. The canned laughter exploded. I was so appalled I cried.

I would like to ask Please stop the line of questioning you are putting forth but the time for pleases� have long passed. This MUST stop. The line of questioning you are using is being used specifically to manipulate reality. And reality is that we are seeing a society bless the violence against men is now blessing the violence and castration of little boys. When we teach males that being hit, humiliated or financially controlled is not abuse and then ask them if they are victims of abuse, what do you expect to get? If we tell females that if they volunteered to get drunk and have sex yet years later she regrets it, she was the victim of abuse and asks her if she is the victim of abuse, what do you expect to get?

Our Government must stay neutral to all citizens or it is no longer and effective Democratic government. My grandfather fought in World War II, by brothers in Vietnam, my classmates in Desert Storm and now my own children in Iraq. What for? Freedom and the right to be free of preconceived prejudices. This county must raise higher then those we have fought and set the example for them. If it's OK in our nation to base hatred upon color or gender or religious beliefs, then why isn't it OK for them? This propaganda against males of all color and age and religious beliefs must stop. Please do you part, I'm doing mine.

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With all of this gross injustice being done by feminists, I wonder what the future holds for men and women in the USA. Marriage rates are at an all-time low in America, birth rates are also at an all-time low. Where is this all headed? I know that more and more men in the US are marrying foreign women (thank God) and that a good percentage of men say that they never want to get married.

I honestly wonder what the USA will look like in 50 years. How low will the marriage rates be then? How low will the birth rates be then? What percentage of men in America will have married foreign women? Will the feminist movement still be alive at that time?

More and more men in the US are waking up to the fact that women in America are tainted and should be avoided at all costs! This is why more and more men are marrying foreign women and avoiding American women like the plague! Feminism is destroying the relationships between men and women in America. Will everything eventually backfire on feminists?
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Feminism is a major part of the fault why women have trust issues towards men these days. Feminism brings paranoia to society and convinces people to believe that there are a 100 times more evil men than the truth.

It's their part to keep the movement alive I guess. They need an excuse to keep the business open. So they start making things up to claim validity to why the movement should exists in western society year 2010.

If our governments stopped being gullible enough to keep handing them wasted tax payer's money, they wouldn't be able to keep pulling off this wide spread propaganda
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