Females are morally inferior

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Females are morally inferior

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So for those who don’t know, to summarise: A guy called Kohlberg did a study in the 30s which mapped stages in moral development according to how children responded to hypothetical questions. He found boys progressed though up to six distinct stages of moral development. Girls however topped out at stage three. A feminist called Gilligan didn’t like this conclusion but couldn’t refute the logic so she concluded that girls go through a different set of stages, but on closer examination her three stages of development that girls go through are just a restatement of Kohlberg’s first three stages. So it is thus proven that females have no choice but to be evil filthy scum.

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Re: Females are morally inferior

Post by Moretorque »

I will say I find most women mentally not being much, their brains seem to be much simplar in the area of expanded thought. Not all but very much most for sure....
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