Feminists and manginas hate women

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Feminists and manginas hate women

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It should be obvious that feminists and manginas hate the very idea of femininity. You can see this when you point out that women lack self-awareness, the capacity for original thought, a theory of other minds, any concept of honor and integrity, tend towards becoming selfish parasites, could essentially be seen as grown children or organic robots etc. The feminists and manginas will accuse you of hating women and insist that women are not generally like that and you are just describing a few bad women. The implicit assumption they are making is that women should be like men, that they should be judged by manly standards, and that the true nature of women, as described, is bad.

Take this analogy. Suppose in a discussion about the nature of cats, some "catist" insisted that cats were generally kind, peaceful animals that were really nice to mice and that the exceptions to this rule were just a few bad apples that spoiled the otherwise blameless image of cats. Suppose an "anti-catist" pointed out that cats in fact tend to torture and kill small animals and that was fine, since it was their job as cats, but you might want to make allowances for this by, for example, not allowing them unrestricted access to your pet hamsters. It should be apparent that the catist hates the true nature of cats and the very idea of catness, and pretending that cats conform to unrealistic standards is only going to lead to more resentment and hatred when reality intercedes and the true nature of cats is revealed. It is the same with feminists and manginas as regards to women.
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