The Misandry Bubble

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The Misandry Bubble

Post by Banano »

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Re: The Misandry Bubble

Post by djfourmoney »

This is very long read but I do that anyway on the internet, this bit I agree with 1000% and this is for the morons that opt to take the easy way out and say no to marriage under any circumstances -
There are still substantial risks, but at least they are somewhat reduced under these conditions. If marriage is a very important goal for a young man, he should seriously consider expatriation to a developing country, where he ironically may have a higher living standard than in the US after adjusting for divorce risk.
So for all you dummies complaining about the cost to travel, using excuses like being in school (for what?) and other really weak beta male excuses for not looking elsewhere on the planet proves you are either going to sell out and marry a damaged woman likely divorced or with children from a previous relationship, not even with a Alpha male in MOST cases either.

My buddy is already in this mode.

His situations are based on his observations in America and after beating on him for two years, its finally starting to sink in. The two habits I have to break him from still are -

1) Younger women are trouble.

They aren't, if given the proper incentive. In countries where being married with children is seen as prestigious, typically in developing countries; she is looking to get married, stay married and have children. What happens in developing countries however, local men are, men after all and have a hard time keeping it in their pants and see no reason too especially if she doesn't know. This is why going to strip clubs and even seeing prostitutes is acceptable in these societies for married men.

He still talks about dating women over 40 in America and even overseas, what the hell is his problem????

2) See number #1, he's still spending his time and energy trying to get free sex from American women. Let's get this out of the way, its never completely free, there are some minor cost. But if the goal is to get laid, we live in Southern California go to TJ! At least once a month he could go down there and for about $60-$80 he could have an hour with a good looking Latina. If he becomes a regular customer of one girl, he's bound to get a discount, the form of no clock watching or even overnight stays without additional charges.

Stop fuging with over the hill women!

Alright I am going to continue to read this, more post to come.
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Re: The Misandry Bubble

Post by adann »

I just finished reading this. Very coherent and mind opening. All men should read this. Women need not bother reading it as they are too emotional and don't like thinking logically.
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Re: The Misandry Bubble

Post by MrMan »

Personally, I think it's too long for one web page article. It would probably have a better chance of being read as several small articles on a blog. It could also make a YouTube video with a visual explanation of the 'Wile E. Coyote moment' showing the coyote as he realizes he is going to fall, and showing some fat late 30's woman looking at her fat self in the mirror and realizing what happened to her looks.

As far as the title goes, I so this Feminist misandry is a bubble that will burst after it has done enough damage to society. It depends on misdirected and ill-informed benevolence of men toward women. Actually, I think it's a positive thing about men to want to protect and do good for women. Men just need to realize that we need to be in charge to really protect them. If women are in charge in society or I a relationship, it's bad for them emotionally. If social norms and laws allow for women to divorce at will, and women are in charge in marriages, that's a recipe for divorce. They get frustrated and lose respect for husband who let them be in charge. They may want it, but it leaves them unsatisfied.

Eventually, if morality continues to generate, so will benevolence in the society, and the benevolence of men toward women. I men stop caring about protecting women, then feminism crumbles. Men are stronger, and if there is not enough desire to do good for women for feminists to misdirect through their philosophy, feminism is going to lose it's hold. The other way to break it's hold is for men in society to believe another philosophy, another narrative of the way things are supposed to be.

Society has to be set up where marriage goes through a woman's father, rather than decision a woman makes on her own. I'm also thinking propaganda campaigns that could fight against feminist propaganda, but I don't know who would be motivated to fund them. TV commercials encouraging girls to marry young, be good mothers, keep their virginity, value motherhood as much as college, etc. could be helpful. I think sleeping around can really corrupt a young woman. If 20-year-old girls would marry older men, the man may be more likely to be in charge.

On an individual level, it is possible for an individual male to avert the problems described about marriage in the article. The way to do it is to choose a wife who does not accept the philosophies prevalent in society. One way to do that is to look abroad. Another is to marry someone who just doesn't accept the dominant philosophies. That could be a nonconformist individual, but often she's from a subculture that doesn't accept these things as normative. There are ethnic subcultures in the US. There are also conservative religious subcultures. Of course, there are the Amish. But there are plenty of Christian groups who don't accept feminism. Candace Cameron wrote a book on being a submissive wife. It talks about submitting to her husband, providing him with sex whenever he desires, etc. There are women who do not believe it is ethical to divorce their husbands who actually live up to a standard of ethics. Not everyone who calls herself a Christian lives up to her beliefs thought.

Dalrock's site points out where some Conservative Christians can have a beta white knight attitude towards women's issues. That's certainly possible, as this article also points out. I think some men's movement guys go to far. Men protecting women is a good thing. Even a bit of a chivalrous attitude can be a good thing. But it has to go along with the man being in charge, being the decision maker. In marrying daughters off, the father protects the daughter, but she defers to him for approval of who to marry. Chivalrous men know not to take advantage, sexually, of a love interest, or even to lead a girl on. It works out well if the woman he weds submits to him later and stays faithful to him until death. It doesn't work well if a man tries to be chivalrous and the woman yells at him for being sexist for opening the door or him, tries to boss him around after marriage, and then leaves him because she says, "I love you, but I'm not in love with you."

The problem with feminism and women who don't want to believe in it is that we have been deeply indoctrinated. I a marriage, a man has to pay some attention to his marriage and make sure the relationship is good. Some of this is the softer side of things, spending time with his wife and taking good care of her. But he also has to make sure she shows him respect and that he's the one in charge, and call her on it if she's not cooperating with him in that. It's important that she believes the man is supposed to be in charge. If she fights that too much, and she ends up running the roost, then she loses the risk of losing respect for her husband. Sex can die out in the marriage. Feelings get all messed up. And marriage shouldn't be some kind of power struggle or war. It should be a very save, protected, and comfortable thing.
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