Are Jews White?

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Are Jews White?

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Are Jews white?

The status of Jews in America now is " white" or " Caucasian".

120–200 years ago they were called “Hebrews” in the USA.

There was even a time when Jews were seen as Asians ( because that’s what they historically are: Western Asian Semites ) and were in danger of being classified as such by the US government and thus, become ineligible for citizenship.

Then, the Jews did something very smart: By now they were quite rich and well connected, and many were into law. So, while the Anglo Saxons were busy doing business and partying, the Jews removed the Jewish/Hebrew classification from censuses and society in general. They expanded the definition of “ white” to include Middle East and North Africa thus benefiting the Arabs, the Armenians, the Turks and Iranians who were living in the US.

They began a disinformation campaign, since by now, an average American was no longer as informed. They declared “ Jewish” to be “ just a religion”, declared themselves to be white, and put their ancestry as Polish, Russian, etc.

Of course, they don’t march in Polish pride parades, nor do they live in Russian neighborhoods such as the ones in Pennsylvania. There are no onion domed churches in Williamsburg. And you cannot be a Russian if you are not Orthodox Christian and not of Slavic roots. But Americans do not know that. And they’d never seen a Russian before.

So, these Jews don’t look Russian/Polish, are not Orthodox and do not have Russian/ Polish last names ( “Goldstein” is not a Polish or Russian last name!) No one in Poland and Russia would see those Jews as Poles or Russians- and that is why those Jews were kicked out! But the perennially dumbing-down Anglo-Americans have been way easier to fool.

Likewise, socially, whether they are white or non white depends on who is classifying them and where. An average black American will now call them white. A Mexican and an Asian American, will now also call them white. In New York and California, they are white.

And, it also depends on how white a Jew ( and by the same token, an Italian) looks. Some Jews look very light, like Trump’s son in law. Or like Kirk Douglas. But some look dark like Paul Michael Glaser.

Thus, Jews were not white at all until the huge non white immigration began in 1965. But now, Jews are white in ‘most’ of the US. And America just lapped it up!

In parts of the South, the people are not as naive, but in a big northern city, they now are.

After the millions of Latin Americans, E/SE Asians and very dark Arabs and Africans started moving in, in contrast, Jews were much whiter and way more settled. And much richer, too. And scared by the huge influx of visible minorities, the Anglo white people began accepting Jews as white and intermarrying with them. This is how, in America now, Jews are white and “ just a religion”.
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Re: Are Jews White?

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