Tired of hearing about how women are attracted to black guys

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Tired of hearing about how women are attracted to black guys

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As a black man I am so sick and tired of hearing people say that black men get alot of women, and how black men are "smooth" with "the ladies". Because in reality black men get rejected by women a thousand times more than any other race of men, because women think we're ugly, lazy, ignorant, and criminal minded. I would much rather be an average white guy than a handsome black guy anyday. Because being a white guy would make it easier for me to find happiness and meet a woman. And Elliot Rodger was a white guy who was angry because he couldnt get a woman, where are all the black Elliot Rodgers!?!?!? us blacks cant get women at all!
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I think I remember you from another account you used to have on HA.

Welcome back dude!
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