Our new HA WhatsApp group! (Must pass qualifications to join)

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Our new HA WhatsApp group! (Must pass qualifications to join)

Post by Winston »

Hi all,
I just started a new WhatsApp group for Happier Abroad fans and added some of my HA friends to it. We have about 12 members now in the group. The group includes some of my advisors such as Rock, Ladislav, Mr S, and WorldTraveler. And also Matt Hanson, Zboy1, Bao3niang and Alex too.

If any of you want to join, PM me with your WhatsApp contact info. Preferably we want people who fit the following criteria:

1. Is a knowledgeable experienced expat or traveler with good info to share.

2. Mature and down-to-earth and honest. No trolls or gaslighters or condescending types or degenerates.

3. Good mentally healthy sane people who seek to help and uplift others and enjoy camaraderie with other expats. No haters or people who want to bring others down please. No toxic or hot tempered people who explode easily please. Must be tactful with decent communication skills.

4. Have met someone we know in person or by webcam or on the phone, so that they can be vouched for and vetted by someone we know.

If that sounds like u and u wanna join, send me a PM.

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Re: Our new HA WhatsApp group! (Must pass qualifications to join)

Post by Londonboy »

Hello Winston. I am Leonard Stokes. I am the AFA Manager in Bangkok Thailand. I have held this role for 9 years. I hope I meet the qualifications to be admitted to your wassapp group. My wassapp ID is +66(0)972061309
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Re: Our new HA WhatsApp group! (Must pass qualifications to join)

Post by HappyGuy »

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