Soulless People: Are most people programs in the Matrix? NPCs, Organic Portals, Pre-Adamic Race

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Re: Soulless People: Are most people programs in the Matrix? NPCs, Organic Portals, Pre-Adamic Race

Post by Winston »

MrMan wrote:
Do you ever consider that I may be right? Ever? Even for a while? Why are you 100 percent sure that your Christian paradigm is the absolute truth? Do you even realize you're under mind control?
We've discussed how I've experienced very specific prayers being answered. I've seen people who have gotten healed supernaturally. I've seen specific prophecies that hit the nail on the head. I see God interacting in my life and in the life of others. if things don't turn out my way, I know I still need to surrender to God, and I have been able to feel peace in that situation. I went for years not really knowing how I was going to scrape up enough money for rent while I was in grad school, with a wife and kids, worked some really long hours--the worst maybe was the 23 and a half hour day-- trying to scrape up the cash with my wife during some days when we were working not getting enough sleep. I've been overseas with a net worth in the hundreds with about that much on a credit card, needing a job, having to trust God to line stuff up for me. God has come through for me on so many occassions.

As far as some of your social issues are concerned maybe there are some things you can do. A Chinese expat I studied with in grad school said I probably knew what it was like. You don't fit in over there and you don't fit in here. He'd lived so many years in the US, running hotels with his partners, he did not fit in culturally in China. But he did not fit in with his environment. I thought about it. I was different after having lived in Indonesia, and I was not like anyone else. I do have a family, though, which gives me people to spend time with every day. My wife is from Indonesia and has lived in the US, but has no problem making friends and leaving a positive impact on people's lives. It's impressive really. But I can still relate to not fitting in.

I've also been an expat overseas when I was single.

When I was in Jakarta, I got to be a part of a group of young adult expats like myself. We were a part of a church cell group. There were Indonesians that were a part of the group, but also expats from various countries. There were white missionary kids who grew up in Africa and South America, but who also bounced back and forth to their home country. There was an African in our group, and lots of other nationalities represented. One was Hong Kong-American ethnic Chinese. Some in the group were raised all over the place. This was a group of friends I could hang out with. Mainly we spent time in that call group and eating out, and a lot of it was social. I wasn't as tight with all the group members as some of the others there were. My wife got to be friends with members of this group, too. I had another group I hung out with, too.

International churches may be a place for groups like this to form, especially among singles who have that extra time married couples with kids do not, and who do not exactly fit in who can form friendships with other people who are partly a part of one culture and partly a part of another culture. I have also seen English teachers in South Korea hang out with each other, too. Their culture is a bit more monolithic, usually US and Canadians hanging out, and they may get a US educated Korean friend who they can talk to who can relate, who was changed by the expat experience in the US or Canada who bonds with the group because of that.

Is there a group of expats there in Taiwan, maybe English teachers or teachers at an international school who are single, and have time? I'd imagine there might be expats working in the tech industry involved in getting all those computer components to their home countries, but some of them may be the 60 hour a week executives (totally guessing since I have never been there). What about Taiwanese people who spent so much time abroad, they don't feel Taiwanese anymore? Is there some group you could join?

Btw, I can post a little on these forums. I cannot watch the hundreds of hours of video posted on the forum. Sometimes I read posts in bed after getting up or before sleeping. If I don't have headphones, I'm not going to wake my wife up with a video, either.
Well the thing is, New Agers believe in answered prayers and supernatural healings too. So do Muslims. Why is your religion right and theirs wrong? I agree there is evidence of supernatural healings. Even the Catholics have them, like at the pool in Lourdes, France. Does that prove that the Catholic faith is the only true one? Just because miracles or healings happen doesn't mean that one particular religion is right and the rest wrong. Why is your religion the only true one and others wrong?

There are meetup groups but they are all in Taipei, which is far away from me. Even if I went to them, like I said, everyone you meet is superficial, like an acquaintance. It's a waste of time to travel far away just to meet an acquaintance. Some expats may be cool and similar to me, but I have plenty of expat friends in the Philippines. No need to waste my time trying to meet people in Taiwan. I prefer to just leave. Problem solved. If it weren't for my parents, I'd never be here at all.

But Taiwanese locals are never similar to me and never resonate with me. They seem colder than ice, so I don't get how you are supposed to resonate with them, especially if I am not colder than ice myself. Isn't that baffling? There's always this awkward feeling I have with them, like trying to walk upstream in a river. It's hard to explain in words. Like something is off and awkward and unnatural. You know what I mean? Even when I text them on Messenger I always feel like I am bothering them and invading their space, and they rarely answer if ever. Taiwanese are not welcoming to me at all, unless it's business related, but socially it's a sin to try to socialize without a business related reason, like crossing the line. It makes them upset. Everything I wanna do feels wrong or illegal in Taiwan. That's how God awful it is. In contrast in the Philippines I can do whatever I want and feel cool about it. The difference is greater than you can imagine.

They do not like honest people, and if you say something they don't like, they block you or ignore you. Unless they are your friend or relative maybe. Even most of my Taiwanese relatives keep their distance and don't wanna be bothered. They are very private and keep to their own bubble. They are never sweet and are very strict, if you say the wrong thing, you are a freak and they prefer to avoid you. It's very very very cold and negative, worse than you can imagine. I swear.

You don't get something. I told you before, even if I had friends or a girlfriend in Taiwan, I still would not be happy, because there's this constant dark force or vortex that keeps trying to crush my soul and make me into a zombie or clone, like nearly all Taiwanese are. It's hard to explain in words. You have to feel it to understand. I don't like that. It's like a constant psychic attack on my soul. Because you are not supposed to have a soul or personality or express yourself in Taiwan, especially in Chiayi. I know that sounds extreme but that's the best way I can put it in words. Some things cannot be conveyed in words. You know what I mean?

I heard that in Japan some are miserable too for the same reason. A Norwegian lady I talked to told me that her friend was miserable and depressed in a Japanese fishing village too and had nothing to do and no one to talk to. Even when he had a girlfriend in Japan he still felt depressed. Some cultures are like that, they try to suck out your soul and constantly require you to suppress and repress your soul and desires. Philippines is never like that of course. The difference is greater than you can imagine.

I even have a hard time going to the grocery store in Taiwan. When I see how cold and stuck up people are, it makes me sick to the stomach. I sometimes have stomach aches too. It's worse than a sci fi dystopia movie.

There are supposed to be some expat hang out places in Chiayi but I cannot find them or read Chinese and it is hard to find places or park anywhere. Small Asian cities are not laid out well. And Taiwanese rarely if ever reply to my texts so I can't just ask them either. Plus it's a waste of time anyway trying to build a social circle. Even if I had one, I still don't like the negative vibe here, which is VERY negative to the extreme and hard to explain in words. Zboy1 experienced it too and he didn't like it either. You have to feel it to know what I mean. Words can't do it justice.

I just talked to my expat friend today on the phone in Taipei who goes to the Philippines too. He said that in Taipei now it's hard to find any expats to hang out with either, they all wanna stay home and not go out. There's like this weird vibe that makes people reclusive and stay home and not wanna be bothered. It's sickening. Similar to the US but worse and more extreme. Have you ever seen that kind of vibe before where everyone wants to stay home and be reclusive as if some invisible force is making people that way? It's sickening. You aren't supposed to talk about it though. And if you bring this up with acquaintances, they get weirded out and may block you, because acquaintances expect you to be politically correct, especially if they are Taiwanese. Any deep talk weirds them out.

Like I said, everything in Taiwan sucks. I think Taiwanese know it too, that's why they get riled up if you say anything negative about their country, because it breaks their false illusion that their country is amazing and great and number 1. They hate the truth and if you break their illusions, they get upset. You definitely cannot be honest around Taiwanese folks, that's for sure. I honestly wouldn't mind if China came and just took over Taiwan. It can't get any worse than this.

You know, I have a group on the LINE chat app, which Taiwanese always use, that consists of my parents' Taiwanese relatives, both in the US and Taiwan. And you know what? No one on the group has any real conversation with each other. All they do is send forwards of stupid shit like dogs and cats doing tricks or some superficial crap like that. Or forwards in Chinese which I can't even read. No one has a real conversation in the group. If I were to ask the group "why don't any of you try to have a real conversation rather than just sending forwards all the time?" I'm sure I'd come across as a freak for saying that. It'd be awkward. That's how bad it is. You can't even be honest or speak your mind. How God awful. Why does God allow this? How could God allow things to come to this? It's terrible beyond words. You can't even be honest or express yourself around your Taiwanese relatives. How does anyone live like this? How do normal people tolerate things that I cannot? Am I too sensitive or am I the only one that's not an NPC? You gotta wonder.
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Re: Soulless People: Are most people programs in the Matrix? NPCs, Organic Portals, Pre-Adamic Race

Post by MrMan »

Winston wrote:
November 22nd, 2021, 12:37 pm
The thing is, you had zero basis to conclude that God stopped any wars, especially WW1 and WW2 and the Vietnam War which went on for 10 years.
You are trying to shift the burden of proof onto me. You were saying God did not stop those wars. You are the one making the assertion here. That's a pretty ridiculous assertion from my perspective. How could you know that?

We live in a world where God allows wars and allows people to sin and do bad things. That doesn't prove that God does not exist. It does not prove that God is not all-powerful. It just proves that the all-powerful God does not stop wars.

Your reasoning about God also seems to be overly simplistic, IMO. I know there are people who believe God is a set of omni-s-- omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. I'd add 'omniloving' for a very recent addition to that. Then if you assuming allowing 'bad stuff' to happen isn't loving, you end up with a problem. But God as presented in the Bible isn't presented so simplistically. God lets stuff happen. He lets people and spiritual entities make choices and do bad things, and is slow to wrath, giving people space to repent. There is an ultimate plan to deal with the problem of sin and evil. In the meantime, both of these things exist.

I did not live in the 1940's. I suspect there were people praying for an end to WWII. I know my grandmother prayed for her sons in the war. One of my uncles was walking to pick up his sister at the factory where she was working to escort her home. He saw the stars lined up to spell 'victory' soon before the end of the war. I think he took that as a kind of visions from God about what would happen.
Why you giving God credit that he doesn't deserve? Sure you can say God works through people. But that's pure speculation. It means he's not all powerful.
No, it just means He works through people lets people do things. He also lets angels do things.
Why not say that Allah worked through people to end those wars?
Christians call God 'Allah' in some languages, too. It's in the Indonesian Bible for example.
If God were really what you imagine, all good and wants peace and harmony, those wars wouldn't have happened in the first place.
Your projecting your oversimplistic reasoning onto me.
Everyone knows that men ended those wars through a war of attrition. They were not necessary at all and accomplished nothing. Everyone is still a slave to money and work and government laws, regardless of who wins those major wars. And how can God be so slow as to take 10 years to end the Vietnam War? Clearly God wasn't involved. People were. Everyone knows that. So in a sense it's dishonest to make things up like that which don't even make sense.
You are making up stuff. You don't know what God decided. He could have ended the war in response to intercession, or set out a certain period of time during which he would allow that war to happen. You don't know.
You never answered my question. Why are you only allowed to thank God for good things but not blame him for bad things? Why the double standard? Why does he have to be perfect? Isn't it because you need him to be perfect, not because he actually is?
This quote from Job 2 actually answers you quite well,
He replied, "You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?" In all this, Job did not sin in what he said.
In Pantheism, Hinduism, mystery schools (ancient and modern), Taoism, etc. you eventually learn that God must fund both good and evil, just like the banksters had to fund the Nazis and Allies, or no war would exist. So God supports both sides. If he didn't support evil, then evil wouldn't exist. This is the big spiritual secret you and the profane masses don't get. Even Indian gurus know this. Alan Watts alluded to it in his books and lectures too, when he said that God plays both sides in the game of chess and in the game of black vs white. It's all a game and illusion. Satan is merely God's left hand. If you ever evolve spiritually you eventually get this, like a light bulb. It's not something you can understand mentally. It takes a certain realization to grasp this kind of insight. It's definitely not for the profane masses. I'm sure the initiates of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism eventually learn about this too. It's inevitable at some point.
God may use Satan's actions for His ultimate ends. That does not make Satan into a part of God.
If I didn't have a soul, we wouldn't be discussing this. I'd be an NPC going to work and blocking everyone I don't know and having no comments or opinions, like typical Asians do. I wouldn't even be posting this right now. I'd be working and eating and doing normal errands and ignoring everyone I don't know. I would not be having a real conversation with anyone. The average person in Asia cannot discuss this topic at all. Not even a little. They have zero opinions and cannot discuss any intellectual topic. That's what I'd be like if I were an NPC. So get real man. I have strong emotions, which NPCs don't have.
I don't find Indonesians to be quite so boring and unthinking. If you go a little further north in Asia, conformity, harmony, not shaking the boat with different opinions, etc. seem to be important in some countries.
I didn't abandon my faith in 1992 just because I didn't get what I wanted. Did you even read the story? It was not shallow at all. God took away my only companion and only girl I had to talk to. It was very cruel. I wasn't asking for much. I had nothing and even what little was left was taken away. It was very cruel and sadistic. Only a cold hearted person would do that to me. I was not greedy or selfish at all. Just wanted a person to talk to. It wasn't much to ask. You forget that.
That was what you wanted, right? A friend? I just read an article about a Christian husband and wife who were arrested by the Russian communists in the early part of the 20th century. The wife slept on a rat infested floor with no bedding. She was constantly monitored, and they were waiting for her to crack mentally and emotionally, but she kept a heart of thanksgiving to the Lord and would sing songs of praise to him. From what I read, it did not sound like she had friends to hang out with in prison. Rats and a hard Russian prison floor sound a little rougher than a middle or high school in California. She finally got out when a new premier came in and loosened up a little on the religious persecution. Decades later, she found out that her husband had died in prison also.
I am not a wicked man. I never lie or cheat people out of their money or deceive people. I am too honest if anything. I have integrity too. I always keep my promises and pay what I owe. I never scam anyone. How am I a wicked man? Just because I blame the creator for the errors in his creation?
That is good if that is the case. Did you ever make any promises in past relationships? Are you being righteous toward your family? Do you have son? Are you raising him?

From my perspective, I consider sleeping with prostitutes, and sleeping around in general with women to be sinful. You occasionally post stuff about that-- a credit card issue in a brothel. I also consider it sinful to speak evil of God, to worship other gods or to promote that sort of thing.

You have your standards for behavior. I have mine. What really matters is what the Creator requires of you.
Keep in mind too that when Christian preachers say stuff like "If God didn't have absolute control over every atom and molecule, he wouldn't be God" they shoot themselves in the foot, because if God is in absolute control of everything, then everything that goes wrong in life and in the world is his fault and his responsibility than if he were not in control. So Christians refute themselves when they say that, unknowingly of course.
Christians have different ideas about to what extent God micromanages everything. There tend to be more 'heavy determinists' among Calvinists who emphasize sovereignty. Some other Christians believe that people have free will.
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Re: Soulless People: Are most people programs in the Matrix? NPCs, Organic Portals, Pre-Adamic Race

Post by MrMan »

Winston wrote:
November 22nd, 2021, 12:37 pm
I didn't abandon my faith in 1992 just because I didn't get what I wanted. Did you even read the story? It was not shallow at all. God took away my only companion and only girl I had to talk to. It was very cruel. I wasn't asking for much. I had nothing and even what little was left was taken away. It was very cruel and sadistic. Only a cold hearted person would do that to me. I was not greedy or selfish at all. Just wanted a person to talk to. It wasn't much to ask. You forget that.[/quote}

So are you saying God exists, but that God was cruel not to answer your prayer for a friend to sit next to back when you were a child in school?
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Re: Soulless People: Are most people programs in the Matrix? NPCs, Organic Portals, Pre-Adamic Race

Post by MrMan »

Winston wrote:
November 22nd, 2021, 11:10 am
NPCS don't have these things. I've never known any Taiwanese that fit the above. They are purely practical and materialistic only. Or on auto pilot with no need to think. Like bees in a bee hive. They don't stop to wonder "What the hell is going on? Where am I?" They are happy to be in a trance and under mass hypnosis. They just follow and conform to a routine and see nothing wrong with that. Like programs and androids do. Their only inner struggles are with material things and base pleasures, like food and sex. There is no spirit vs flesh struggle. Only souled humans have that.
Sounds like more of an issue of a shallow culture...maybe. It could be your perception of things. I have never been to Taiwan.
Now I don't know you MrMan. But if you are an NPC yourself or don't have a real soul, and only have binary thinking in 1s and 0s and see things in black and white, like Christians typically do, then you cannot tell the difference between a real soul and an NPC right? As they say, it takes one to know one. I don't know you of course, so I don't know if you have a soul or not. But if you don't, then you are in no position to evaluate this right? Because an NPC will not see anything wrong with another NPC. Only a real souled human will recognize a real soul or NPC.
Your whole philosophy on this just seems totally false to me. It sounds like you have come upon some readings that allow you to think of yourself as superior in some way with the many people that you do not feel like you really connect with. And I can see the appeal of that. A lot of people believe things that make them feel special because they want to feel special. Why don't you turn your critical eye on these sources you are studying about who has a soul and who doesn't? How do you know they have any clue of what they are talking about? If these other people really do have souls and you just find their culture, way of thinking, etc. to be boring, then isn't that a bad thing? Couldn't this philosophy also be used to justify murder? Let's say someone believed Taiwanese did not have souls, so just murdered a bunch of them. Would it be wrong if they really didn't have souls, and therefore were not real people? But if they are real people, have souls, have value, then the murderer is wrong.

Living in Taiwan after growing up in the US may make you feel a bit like a fish out of water, and maybe as an Asian American in the US, you felt a bit like that growing up.
Also, you gotta understand that ancient wise spirituality did not teach that everyone has a soul at birth. A soul is something you have to EARN through spiritual work or spiritual alchemy. That's something Christians don't understand. Those who have a real soul don't need to be saved, they are already connected to the creator source.
Is there any reason for you to believe that is the case? Someone wrote that or made a video, and you parrot that idea (or a version made up from bits and pieces of beliefs here and there, as is typical of New Agers.)

You might feel like Christians see 0s and 1s, but to me, sometimes it feels like New Agers and liberals might have part of their brain made out of cotton candy. Not literally, of course, but I don't see anything here you are writing about souls that obviously has to be true.
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