Colin Powell finally dies

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Colin Powell finally dies

Post by Cornfed »

It is interesting that his death is being attributed to covaids even though he had cancer and was vaccinated. I imagine he simply died of cancer and was helped along by the vax and/or whatever virus was going around. ... s-n1281746

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Re: Colin Powell finally dies

Post by Yohan »

It is strange why numbers of covid-19 deaths are so high in some Western countries, especially in USA.

About this US man, it is also said, he had advanced Parkinson, an absolutely deadly disease with no cure, for sure he was everything else but a healthy person age 84.

Often I suspect covid-19 deaths in Western countries are more likely because of pneumonia and other diseases often related to old people, I wonder if he had also seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccination.

In Japan, today are only 7750 people registered for medical treatment with acute covid-19 infection out of 125 million people, the number of deaths since February 2020 up to October 2021 is 18.105. (totally for 20 months) - 16 provinces out of 47 provinces reported yesterday ZERO new infections.

This means about 900 people died per month of covid-19 in Japan so far on average, however Japan totally is recording about 1.380.000 deaths per year = about 115.000 funerals per month.

The death statistic in Japan did not change because of covid-19, comparing it year per year.

While I am pro-vaxx and against conspiracy fantasy&nonsense stories, I doubt if the count of 746,509 covid-19 related deaths in USA is true.
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