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How America killed play for kids.

Posted: January 13th, 2020, 11:19 pm
by Mercury ... ng-it-back?

How so totally paranoid America has become. To Americans today, the entire outdoors is the hood; like even rural areas are continuously popping with gunfire every 3 minutes. Americans are so hateful and paranoid that outdoor playgrounds have become devoid of all outdoor activity, schools are eliminating all recess, nobody, not even in safe, quiet neighborhoods, is walking to and from school or riding bicycles, they are getting shuttled. Again, they may live in safe, quiet suburban neighborhoods, but to them, the entire outdoors (even wide-open country areas) is the hood, crawling with Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, Four Corner Hustlers, MS-13, and popping with automatic gunfire in broad daylight. Neighborhoods that are so quiet that many residential parcels have no fence. And yet people are paranoid that their kids will get blasted to shreds by AK-47 gunfire the instant they step outside. And they hate their neighbors.