New study shows more Americans moving abroad

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New study shows more Americans moving abroad

Post by jamesbond »

Here is an interesting story I saw on the news today, that more and more Americans are moving abroad for economic reasons. The study says, "economic possibilities seem brighter in places like Brazil, Russia, China or Latin America. Indeed, the State Department now estimates that 6.3 million Americans are studying or working abroad, the highest number on record."

The percentage of Americans aged 25 to 34 actively planning to relocate outside the U.S. has quintupled in just two years, from less than 1 percent to 5.1 percent.

"Those numbers have shot through the ceiling," said America Wave founder Bob Adams, who has run nine such surveys over the years. "They're very surprising, and not something I anticipated. They're looking for work because of the sluggish economy, and they've lost confidence that the U.S. is going anywhere."

Younger Americans seem even keener to look abroad, with 40 percent of those 18-24 expressing interest in foreign relocation, which is up from 15 percent two years ago.

"There's a feeling among more entrepreneurial Americans that if you really want to get anything done, you have to get out of country and away from the depressing atmosphere."

Here is the complete story:
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Post by have2fly »

I like this post from the link you posted:

No2RepublicanConJob | Dec 6, 2011 12:32 PM ET
This article as all from right-wing LYING US media states what is wrong with US without stating how to EASILY fix them.

That is want LOW Un-Employment? Then lets look at some RICH countries that have it:

Germany has un-employment rate of 6.0%,
Austria 4.3%
Norway 3.2%
Netherlands 4.2%
Switzerland 2.9%
China 4.2%

So what are they doing different than US?

1- They ALL have Universal nationalized (socialized) health care, which means while all their people have health care their businesses & Government spend a small fraction of what US businesses and Government spend on health care.

2- They have Universal Education, which meas you can go up to your PhD pretty much for FREE. Contrast this to US where getting a BS degree can cost you an INSANE $100,000 AND MORE, putting your or your family in debt for years to come.

3- They do not spend Trillions of Dollars on a Gargantuan Military and unnecessary Wars 10,000K from their borders, as US does all the time.

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Post by zboy1 »

Thanks for the link, Jamesbond. I posted a similar article a while back from US News and Report called "A Growing trend of leaving America." This was in 2008, and yet the comments section from that article is 19 pages long and full of recent responses! So, expect to see more mainstream articles similar to this in the near future.
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Post by Iawesome60 »

Jamesbond, you found a gem of an article. I am studying abroad next semester. In my university, I heard that the number of students studying abroad this year has increased from the previous year! I heard this source of information at my study abroad orientation or somewhere else. If the number of students studying abroad increases, then it should continue to increase. Since I am a beginner traveler, I chose a country comfortable for me and where I can learn new things.

P.S: I also asked a few of my friends and family members which country would they travel to. They would travel to countries like Spain, England, Japan, China, Brazil, Australia, Italy, etc. Even though this is a small sample, I have a feeling that more Americans would love to travel and/or live outside of the USA.
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Post by E_Irizarry »

I guess invisible trolls come here and get free adhoc/impromptu information and CNBC didn't give us and this site any credit. Things that make you go hmmmm.

This is why this site should have remote destinations as a private paid-only members section.
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