Best places to meet women in America

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Best places to meet women in America

Post by jamesbond »

Well, here's the deal, the only real place to meet women in America is at....bars and nightclubs! I know, a lot of guys hate the bars and clubs (so do I) but after trying to meet women at bookstores, grocery stores, shopping malls and taking college classes the verdict is, bars and clubs are the only way to go! Most dating experts have said, bars and clubs are where the single women are at that's where they go to meet men (they also go to bars and clubs to get laid). The great pickkup artist "Mystery" has said he loves bars and clubs so much because you can meet hundreds of women in one night (where else can you do that?)

Now, you just need to learn how to "pick up" women at bars and clubs. This can take a while but it can be learned like anything else in life. Think about, you learned how to ride a bike, you learned how to drive a car and you learned math when you were in school, so why can't you learn how to pickup women at bars and clubs? Just look at how jammed packed the bars and clubs are on the weekends. That's because, single people in America know that is the best opportunity they will have to meet people! You can learn how to pickkup women at bars and clubs by reading books by the great pickup artist "mystery" or watching his youtube videos.

Here is a few key points to remember. You want to give women the idea you are a "high status male" which means you are confident, wealthy and have other women interested in you. How do you do that? Walk into a bar or club WITH ANOTHER WOMEN BY YOUR SIDE, this give you instant "social proof." Wear dark colored clothing (black leather jacket, dark shoes and dark colored pants) tell women you have a high paying job like a stockbroker, engineer, computer programmer or a real estate investor. Act aloof around the women (even if she is hot) have your lady friend by your side and when asking for the phone number a good thing to say is, "my friend is having a party next weekend, give me your number and I'll call you next week." Get as many phone numbers as possible and when you call them back (or if you get their voice mail) say something like, "hey, it's Mark we Saturday night at XYZ club, I am going out of town in a couple of weeks (or you can be more specific and say your going to visit a friend in LA or Las Vegas) so give me a call as soon as you can, let's try and get together this weekend."

I know a lot of this is made of lies but hey, this is what you have to do to meet women in America now a days! Especially if you want to date HOT women, you will have to lie at least a little simply because the competition for these women is throught the roof! :o It's been estimated that a hot looking women who lives in a big city will get asked out between 5 and 10 thousand times in her lifetime! :shock: So who do think she will go out with? A guy who works as a manager, or a guy who is a real estate investor and travels around the world. Welcome to the dating culture in modern day America! :D

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Post by Winston »

Why are you parroting what those guys say? Why don't you use their techniques and try picking up women in the clubs there, and get back to us on what actually happened? Go to those disco places with dancing, where the young hip college girls go. People do make out on the dance floor there, but you gotta look a certain way for girls to do that with you. Personally, I hate it when I'm there and see others make out while I have no one.

David DeAngelo even said once that the girls at those places do not act like themselves, so it's not the best place to meet them.
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