Online dating; differences in nationalities

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Online dating; differences in nationalities

Post by mattyman »

Hi all, have you noticed something, especially concerning sites like POF.

One thing you notice is that most profiles you browse through tend to have more focus on what they want from a man as opposed to what they've got to offer a man (which is almost absent in many).

Also, if you complain that girls don't message you back, you're often advised to read their profile, and pick-up on things they've written. Here-in lies the problem; THERE'S OFTEN f**k-ALL TO WORK WITH to start a deeper, more personalised conversation. Most profiles are TERRIBLE.

What's worse is the negativity; It's disturbing the amount of profiles that have focus, not only solely on what they want, but on what they don't want; often displaying cynicism and disillusion with men and relationships in general. It's SUCH A f***ing TURN-OFF!

How come, when looking at various FSU and Asian profiles, how come you see a lot more profiles that have anecdotes about their life philosophy, and also information about what they can potentially offer you; such as describing their temperament and personal qualities? The sharing of their own philosophy in particular; not only is that endearing and approachable, it also gives something with which to open a conversation naturally.

How come with angloskanks on POF you see the focus on shallow, petty demands, and also what they DON'T want, significantly outweighs the focus on what they can offer and the opening-up about themselves?
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Post by Ghost »

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Post by E Irizarry R&B Singer »

Ghost wrote:Yeah, and it's just hilarious. They think we should feel privileged to date single moms! AWs have been coddled so much by the government, corporations, and society that every fiber of their beings are entitled and spoiled rotten.

I ought to restart my profile on PoF just to make a profile that berates single moms for the scum they are. And make some cat jokes. That would be funny stuff.
They run a SQL weekly scheduled batch script on IP-MAC Addresses they have banned. They use Javascript and very intrusive server-side ASP.NET programming to criminally get information from your browser about your WAN IP, your browser, your OS and version, if you are joined to a workgroup or a domain, etc.

Their SQL script batch cursor probably runs like this


or some f.ucking s.hit like that.

I outsmarted them. It had taken me many banned acocunts to figure it out. The only way they catch me now on POF is if they receive at least a couple of complaints about me...and AWs block and report guys for the fun of it, even if you didnt' say anything wrong under anybody's standards! :shock:
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Post by roteiro »

Ukrainian and Russian girls are very nice indeed. I'd recommend you - cool dating website with Russian and Ukrainian girls to date or marry. My friend has met a love of his life there and he is very happy :) Good luck you too ;)
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