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Winston, if I recall correctly, the Teachman (1990) study did not show any statistically significant affects of male lack of virginity on marital disruption. (That's not commenting on morality, just the study.)

For me, I didn't want to marry a non-virgin because she'd been one flesh with another man. Theoretically, a widow could have been in my consideration set, but at my age back then, that wasn't really what I was looking for, either.

I've got a bunch of kids. If something were to happen to my wife (may she live to a ripe, old age), I'd want a woman who could be a good mother. If I were to remarry, I'd consider virgins who grew up raising younger siblings or babysat a lot, or else a widow who'd only been with her husband (who preferably had only been with her.) A single mother widow without a 'baby daddy' in the picture would be a possibility.

I suspect virgins who had enough self-control to avoid sex when they didn't have a partner to betray would be low risk for adultery after they do commit to a partner. The commitment means a lot more. Holding onto virginity as precious and giving away to someone to be with him/her for life is making a big investment in that person. I would think widows who had been faithful could be low risk as well. Widows would also have an idea of their sex drive without being slutty, so you might be able to discuss or negotiate some of those things out before marriage. I don't believe in premarital sex, though, so test driving is out of the question. Sex partners are very personal, more like tooth brushes than cars in that sense, and you don't want anyone testing your toothbrush out before you buy it.

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Winston wrote:Hey maybe you guys should start a marriage site called VirginBrides.com. lol
Oh my, could you imagine the venom that would spew out from the matriarchy toward such a website?
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