What is the best country to visit to meet a foreign woman?

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What is the best country to visit to meet a foreign woman?

Post by amigo »

I would like to know what your opinion is for a country or place to meet the best foreign woman. Here is my criteria:

keep in mind that I do not wish to take someone back to the united states, I will take her traveling around the world with me

and I have already done 'romance tours' and do not wish to use their services again

I am primarily looking for someone to spend my time with. I am not concerned with their looks or beauty or anything like that. I more prefer someone who is intelligent.

I have already met lots of women in Colombia (almost every city) and lima. I would say I prefer the lima women the most

I do not consider myself to be that good looking, at least by the reaction I get from women. I know that what is hurting me is being overweight but not obese, for which I have been overweight since I was a toddler and I haven't solved it after a life time of trying. these thin women for example in Colombia don't like overweight men.

I am 43 years old, 5'6", 220 pounds. I am willing to live in any country that has reliable internet.

I am okay with a woman my age, I don't care about age. I would say from 18 to 55.

the women that I have always loved the most while living in the US were from India. they are very intelligent and easy to talk to, and even on match.com I like what they write about themselves more than American women, but I am not getting any responses from them on match.com

I tend to like Asian women over any others

in the US I knew many latin women, but none of them would ever give me the time of day in the 13 years or so I lived in the NYC area.

I am having better luck with Canadian women but they still are too slow to respond and response rates are still kinda low, meaning better luck as compared to American women.

I am trying various online sites, but in email and chatting, most of the women only say hello and nothing else. I try to get them into a conversation about anything and it is like talking to a rock, they just say 'ok' a lot and they can't say anything interesting ever.

my ideal woman would be intelligent, I would love to date a doctor for example. someone who loves to travel and loves natural history.

I am willing to live in their country as long as I am permitted to.

- a country that is easy to get a visa, or allows a longer stay. for example, the Philippines tourist visa is for only 30 days for an American, while hong kong is 90 days. I want a country where I can remain there for a longer period of time

- a place where people speak English or Spanish, even if just at the basic level

- a place where women are happy to meet a foreign man (for example it seems to be hard to meet a woman in India because they avoid dating in general)

- a place where women are more family oriented and less concerned with looks (for example, Colombian women prefer a good looking guy)

- a place where it is easy to find someone via a web site or an inexpensive agency (like $50 per date at most with no minimums)

- a place where women will actually make an effort as opposed to always expecting me to start every conversation, etc.

I have been to lima, and got the best results in lima. but I did not speak any Spanish at the time. I tried the dating sites but last time I was not getting any responses.

I did not like chatting with women from the Dominican republic. they were very boring.

the Philippine women say hello in chat but impossible to carry on a conversation for the most part.

I have been to Medellin, but the women are very superficial like American women

I have been to Barranquilla, but they are always 45 minutes late per date, which is unacceptable for someone like me who travels often

I have been to Cartagena, the women there were okay.

I kinda like cali women also, and Manizales women

I have been to hong kong and was surprised at how many women bumped into me when I was standing alone on a street corner, which I now understand was their way of getting my attention.

in general, all of the women that I fell in love with were usually in lima peru, and all were through an agency. however I don't like AFA in peru it is a waste of time the way it is run.

I have heard more than once that Thailand was a good country to go to, but they did not say why.

I have heard that Cuban women were easy to get along with.

I am open to going to any country. I don't care about race, religion, etc.

I have heard there is a surplus of women in el Salvador, argentina, and hong kong.

I would love to go to india but I can't find an online dating site that has more than a small handful of women. there will be 100 men for every woman on an indian dating site.

for me I would judge a woman's profile to be good on a dating site if she writes a lot about herself, but they almost never write more than 1 sentence.

so does anyone have any solid recommendations based on your own experiences?

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Post by Winston »

Yeah Philippines is like the lowest common denominator here. Everyone does well there, virtually. But as we've said before, there is no one size fits all. Every guy is different and will have different experiences and compatibilities.

In my experience and research, the friendliest women are in SE Asia, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Mexico, and possibly China too.
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