Difference between American vs. French Girl

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Difference between American vs. French Girl

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Ok ok. I know this site is pretty much believe in the fact that American women are bitches. But but...hear me out first.

Let's call American girl Miss A. She came from Atlanta, a solid Born-Again Christian and is working in an NGO in my country. She looks a bit like Anna Faris (a little pleasantly plump on the face but not the figure). She loves hiking outdoors and wishes to learn how to play guitar. Now as Filipino, I joked to her that I could teach her but she has to play a Filipino song at the end of the course. But she cannot play Bruno Mars or Charice. Then later on she said she liked Bruno Mars. I paused a little and I said, ok ok no problem, fine. But we were still ok. We chatted for a bit and I left early because I have work even on Sundays.

Well...... that was a bit awkward. I'm thinking of playing her "Lazy Song" or any other BM song even though I hate it, just one way to say I'm sorry. She wasn't mad. I just felt awkward.

Now French girl is Miss F. She has a bit of a younger Helen Hunt face. She is a co-worker of my friend who works in another NGO. We don't see much more often. I haven't asked her religion yet. She helps me out sometimes when I'm learning French with a friend. She appears to have more experience in the field and unafraid to mingle with the locals or venture into the streets at night (Miss A is too early to tell whether she could do the same because she was only here a few weeks ago).


What do you think? Have you dated both American and French women before? Do they have particular habits that I have to watch out for?

I'll be honest. I'm more attracted to Miss A but I can't let go of Miss F either. What do you think?
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