Demoting non-reproducible "science"

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Demoting non-reproducible "science"

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I suggest we stop dignifying fields of study that don't produce testable and reproducible results with the label "science". Putting explanations on things we can't reach in space or in time (e.g. cosmology, paleontology, some aspects of geology) as well as things that can't currently be properly experimented on (e.g. psychology) is not directly testable or reproduceable and therefore is not science.

It is not that these fields of study are inherently worthless. It is just that they are in the realm of potentially reasoned speculation, much like the fields such as theology, history, textual analysis, linguistic reconstruction etc. and as opposed to real sciences such as chemistry.

Calling these subjects science only allows various hucksters to waste inordinate amounts of public money and go off on bizarre tangents that are never challenged and then contaminate real sciences in the way that the Relativity insanity has contaminated physics. I suggest calling these subjects something else. "Scientology" would have been good, but since that is taken, how about "scientogeny"?
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