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Middle Eastern (Arab) Women

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to Africa or The Middle East.

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Post by starchild5 »

Forerunner wrote:
starchild5 wrote:Freaking Lame Stream Media Brainwashing PSY-OP that i was a victim of...of all the places..believe it or not...during my recent trip to Philippines..I dated couple of Iranian girls....They are as free and open as they come in Philippines...Skirts, Smoke, drinks, late night partying...You name it..Iranians girls are on it...

They hate going back home...."cos it was thrust on them...this religious BS..Thats what one of the girl said to me...All humans beings are basically same...The PTB just divided humanity on these religious lines which benefits none but keeps us divided....

I never ever thought i would ever come across an Iranian girl in my life and now I have couple of them going solid...Also, I learned a lot from them and they learned a lot from me...Just Imagine the Talent of Americans, Chinese, Japanese etc al uniting for one good cause... I realized how much info we can all share and grow together...

We are all caged in some form of BS that was thrust on us by the elites.....I really felt a burden taken off my mind when i met the girls and everything they say on TV is exact opposite of who they really are...As a member here said..If you want to date Iranian chicks go to Philippines ...Just need to be there at the right time...Its not guaranteed...

90% of all Indian Bollywood Actress & Actors are from Persia or Afghanistan...and they are as free and open minded as they come....One good remedy for all this is Thrash the freaking TV..Throw it away to dustbin... :twisted: That is the only evil here

may I ask what part of Philippines you were in because this seems to be a bit odd but also refreshing Iranians make great wives especially when they are away from the western countries : )

Manila. There are many Iranians studying dental course there, and for them PH is a freeland compared to back home...however, they do not like Manila itself due to traffic, pollution etc but they do not want to go back to Iran either, rather after completing the course move to AUstralia or europe....

Iranians girls seems to be more free to approach than even Indians my own people or even western women or koreans, japanese etc....however, they are less in numbers and one need to be really lucky not a PUA to land them...its all at being at the right place at the right time
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Post by Tapatio89 »

curious1234 wrote:
theprimebait wrote:
curious1234 wrote:
You also have to put things in context.women who work in the arab world,especially around men are less strict and traditional.they tend to be from upper classes wich emulate Egypt I saw those types and they were very snobby and full of themselves,while the poorer and stricter girls were totally different,very friendly,a whole different world.and yes its funny because these women leave everything to their maids,and get very very Obese.almost every Kuwaiti women I saw was Obese.the richer the arab country the worse the women.Yemen is poor so it explains why they are so different.

I think Yemeni and Omani girls are the best though.
The thing is I am also talking about women who only work with women and are quite religious. You are probably right about the westernised ones. MOney or freedom (or rather the illusion of it) changes a lot. People lose their identity and values, especially in the Middle East. They get totally confused.
Most people anywhere only put on a facade for social the end of the day humans are humans.Saudi men will pray everyday and then go to UAE to bang russian hookers.this hypocrisy isn't limited to muslims,its the norm anywhere around the world.people only care about values when it suits them.
That's called conformism, too. Everyone is a conformist or hypocrite to a certain extent; however, some totally lose themselves when they try to be like others. You're absolutely right. It's not just the Muslim world that is full of such people, but the thing is Middle Eastern people pretend to be someone they're not, while westerners don't put such a facade. Off course, it's wrong in both cases. The Middle East is also plenty of beer bellied westerners who left their families back at home and play single. The same story, and it's really depressing how women (not theirs off course) 'help' them in their 'single missions'.
Middle Eastern people in that they pretend to be someone they are not really remind me a lot how most people in Latin America also are. Mexican people tend to be quite pretentious and I consider my culture phony in that they pretend someone they are not and think that makes them secure and confident, but deep inside, they are cowards. I consider those type of people weak in my opinion.
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Re: Middle Eastern (Arab) Women

Post by Tapatio89 »

I have dated Arabic women before and my last gf before meeting my wife was from Libya. I consider Arab women quite beautiful physically and in personality too. Although yes they look like Latinas physically, in personality, I find them better than Latina women (introverted, more ambitious, more reliable). Other Arab women I have dated were from Egypt, UAE, and Jordan. I also noticed many Arab women like Latin men,even more than blonde Westerners.

They are also quite jealous and strong character, which I like in a woman.
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Re: Middle Eastern (Arab) Women

Post by Mile999 »

The good thing about Arab women they are virgins. So, when you get a wife, she will stay with you forever! They don't like dating app because they think those website for sluts, but also some Arab women are in dating apps because they need to get married. Some major points about Arab women:

1. They know how to cook since they are 10 years old
2. They know how to make you proud of them
3. Loyal "they don't know what is cheating" at least 99% of them
4. They don't like to see you drunk, but it's ok if you smoke
5. Family is all they want
6. Well educated.
7. When you invite your friends to a meal in your house, you will see how powerful they are in the kitchen and they proud of it.
8. Don't mess with her "hejab" unless she wants to take it off by herself.
9. Beautiful without makeup.
10. The most important day is when you meet her dad and brothers.
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Re: Middle Eastern (Arab) Women

Post by Winston »

But don't Middle Eastern women usually marry by arranged marriages? And aren't they only allowed to marry within their race and religion? If so, then you foreigners who are not Arab or Muslim have no chance right?
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