How to organize info in the forum better?

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How to organize info in the forum better?

Post by Winston »

Hi all,
I just talked to Kai1275 on the phone for a while. He said that the info and topics here should be organized better because there are too many trashy posts mixed with the good useful ones. Thus new members will see too many useless threads at first glance rather than useful one, and may not stay around.

One way he suggested was by letting people vote or like posts to move them up. Kind of like how on or, the most helpful reviews are displayed first at the top, based on the number of votes on them.

Should we do something like that here? Install a voting system on posts to bring them up higher if they are voted more useful? Or they could be placed into a category or board called "Most Useful Topics"?

To do that though, I'd have to look for a hack or mod to install that would do this. It might be complicated. Or we could switch to another forum platform like VBulletin.

Any other suggestions on how to organize the info here better?
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Post by Cornfed »

Probably better to simply move topics you deem useful to their own separate area.
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