Eliminate All Her Other Options

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Eliminate All Her Other Options

Post by NorthAmericanguy »

Wow, I'm pretty impressed with this website and post. These guys really know a thing or two about women. BTW, I'm found this because I'm an Iceberg Slim fan.

"Remember when you were a little tyke, and you had that one record that you played over and over and over and over, and you never got sick of it? Then, when you got older, you got your own money, you discovered shopping, and before you knew it, you had every CD you ever wanted? All of a sudden, instead of having only one album, you had fifty, a hundred, or a thousand choices. You want to play some music, but you sit there for ten minutes deciding which CD to pop in. Then, when you start listening, you get bored real quick, because you're thinking of the other CDs in your collection, and all the other songs you could be listening to. So you take out this CD in mid-song, and throw another in there.

Okay, so here's this little girl. Mommy and Daddy put the idea into her head that some day, Mr. Right will come into her life and sweep her off her feet. She meets a little boy, and she likes him. She pulls his hair, and punches him in the mouth a lot because she's really into him. One day he gives her a kiss on the cheek, and after that, it's all she can think about. She's found her first love. He's Mr. Right. She's imagining the wedding in her head, down to the last detail. She knows how many kids they're going to have, what he's going to do for a living, she even knows what color the curtains are. This little boy is the man she's going to spend the rest of her life with.

Then she starts growing tits.

Now every boy in school is into her. They're all drooling over her, snapping her bra strap, trying to mack on her. She gets into high school, and her body is developing. The boys are all jerking off at night, thinking about her, and desperately trying to get into her pants. She realizes that the boy she once loved is not the only option now. He's like that old, scratched-up record she never plays anymore. She can choose between many boys, but she can never decide which one she really likes. So she tries one out for awhile, but she gets to thinking about all the other ones demanding her attention, and she gives another one a spin. Then another, then another...

Before long, she's getting ruthless. She's a grown adult now, and for several years she's had the male gender eating out of the palm of her hand. She can pretty much get whatever she wants from a guy, and whatever one guy can't provide, there's another guy who can. But she's getting bored with it. Men aren't a challenge to her, so she keeps going through her collection, trying to find the one that will stir something in her.

I don't buy as many Cds as I used to, but every now and then, I find one that I love, and I play it over and over and over and over. Why? I have so many to choose from. Why do I keep playing this one particular CD?

Because something stands out about it. It's not the typical music. There's something unique about it that you can't get from listening to any other CD. For awhile at least, whenever I want that certain feeling, that CD is the only place it comes from.

Back to our girl. Here she is, smack in the middle of her boring, contemptuous, manipulative existence, and then you walk in the door. At first she thinks nothing of you. Either you're going to be shy and not talk to her or make eye contact, or you're going to ogle her and try to impress her, showing your desperation. She's so used to not being challenged by any man that she doesn't have the slightest clue what's in store for her.

You make great eye contact. You talk clearly and powerfully to her. In the presence of others, you're not afraid to speak your mind. You smile and touch her confidently, and show a sense of humor. Nothing seems to bother you. She senses that you're attracted to her, but she gets the feeling that you could turn around and walk out that door, never seeing her again, and you wouldn't care.

Ever borrow your favorite CD to a friend? Remember how much you wanted it back? You call your buddy, but the a$$hole's never home. You want to hear that music again.

Then the punk moves to Hong Kong, and he took your favorite CD with him! You go to the store to find another copy of that CD, and you find out it was a rare limited edition, and they won't be getting any more. So now you're prowling around the used CD stores and looking on eBay, and after a painful period of time, you finally find another copy. All your other CDs get stepped on and scratched, and loaned out, but this one...THIS ONE... nobody touches. You treasure it more than any other one in your collection. You've learned your lesson. You will not take it for granted again.

So now you've made an impression on the woman. But you disappear for awhile. During this time, she still has her little collection of men, but she doesn't really want to play them. Time is passing, and she can only think about the unique feelings you stir inside her. She begins thinking that maybe you have a collection of your own, and she is going to have to do something to really stand out in your mind. But this is what's going on with all the other women in your collection. They become frustrated that they're not the only ones, and they throw themselves at you.

You become bored. Women aren't a challenge to you anymore, so as your collection grows, you find yourself going through it more and more, trying to find the one that stirs something inside you.

You used to be an AFC, and are now a DJ. She used to be a DJ, and you have reduced her to what you once were.

Think about what bores you. Why are you bored? Because these things offer nothing unique. Why don't we get excited about daily chores? Because we do them daily. Why is a trip to Florida exciting? Because you're not there everyday. Unless you live in Florida, in which case you take it for granted. It's no big deal.

Corporations know that, in order to make you buy what they're selling, they have to stand out in some way. If every potato chip was the same in every way that matters, you wouldn't be loyal to any one brand, you would go for whatever brand was on the shelf as you pass by. People love "new" things. Frito Lay comes out with a new chip, and eventually people realize it's just a Dorito cut into the shape of a star, with some powdered sugar on it. But by that point, they've already sold us thirty million bags. Just the perception of something being new and unique is enough to make humans crave it.

We always talk about being confident, and limiting our availability, and not taking any crap from women, and these techniques work. But why do they work? Because women are treated the same way by men, day in, day out, and they're used to it. They're bored out of their skulls. They're looking for someone to act in a new and exciting way, to awaken them from their miserable existence. They have so many options, but they're all like recycled pop songs. They have nothing new to offer.

Then, just like that new CD with the style of music you can't get anywhere else, you offer her something different. She wants to feel that music over and over again.

She has a world of options. If you're just like all the rest, how can you blame her if she discards you like a CD that she can just go out and buy another copy of? Be unique, excite her with your confidence and individuality, and you'll be the only real option for her."


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Post by The_Adventurer »

This reminds me of a time in Vegas. IN a bar I and my coworkers used to frequent there was a girl who was an absolute knock out, a 10 for sure, but she was white, which is not my taste. While all the guys from work were drooling over her, I would talk to her if she was in front of me or go about my business. I would move around the place talking to different people and she kept appearing. Thing abot the above story, it kinda makes sense, except I wasn't playing it cool or trying to be unavailable, I just wasn't interested.

I think also says something as to why foreigners get the response they do in many countries, especially in Asia. Not just because they are naturally unique and have that style the girl can't get anywhere, but also because in many Asian countries, girls actually do not have a lot of options and are lucky to take what they can get.
“Booty is so strong that there are dudes willing to blow themselves up for the highly unlikely possibility of booty in another dimension." -- Joe Rogan
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Post by TRADER1972 »

Terrence wrote: I think also says something as to why foreigners get the response they do in many countries, especially in Asia. Not just because they are naturally unique and have that style the girl can't get anywhere, but also because in many Asian countries, girls actually do not have a lot of options and are lucky to take what they can get.
I certainly think it is true in the Philippines. I cant speak so much about other countries, but in the Philippines, i think there are so few good men that foreigners stand out incredibly.
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