Global Nanpa- Another Global Dating site similar to this one

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Global Nanpa- Another Global Dating site similar to this one

Post by Winston »

Hi all,
Someone referred me to Global Nanpa today. It looks interesting and worth checking out. Here is what he said about it.
Hello Winston,

Your website is an absolutely terrific idea! I've been considering going overseas for ages now, simply because, especially where I am at, the women are absolutely everything you mention on your website.

I have no affiliation to the following website, but I wanted to point you in the direction of, which is a site similar to your, but they do something more than your website offers. On that website, the guy takes first person perspective videos of his experiences overseas.

I wanted to present you the idea that if you were to create first person perspective videos of how great the life is in Europe with regards to women and dating, as opposed to southeast Asia where global nanpa operates, this would attract a lot more traffic. Also this would be very beneficial for people to get imagining themselves in the scenario behind the camera, which is a beautiful thing. Law of attraction kinda stuff.

Please, go watch a few of his videos and see what I'm talking about, first person videos are WAY better than photos and could potentially increase traffic, and more importantly the impact and power of your site. You may be interested in making some.

peace and love,
I've contacted the owner of GlobalNanpa to offer a link exchange.
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