Dating Latinas in Miami?

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Dating Latinas in Miami?

Post by dcboy1991 »

How are the Latinas (and West Indian women-i.e. Haitian, Jamaican, Bahamian, etc.) in Miami/South Florida? I have heard conflicting claims things about the non-Anglo women (and men) in South Florida. Some descriptions paint a very positive picture of them, claiming that Miami is as far as you can get from the U.S. within the Continental U.S. Other descriptions say they are ghetto and rude, not to mention selfish. So which is true? And how many immigrants and expats are there in South Florida from regions other than Latin America and the Caribbean? I am a white Anglo guy in my early twenties, but I speak a little Spanish with a convincing accent (my mom is of Basque and Galician Spanish ethnicity).

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Post by Robert77 »

it all goes down to demographics

miami is a unique case in the US, because is the ONLY place in america where you can find plenty of all kinds of latinos that ARE NOT Mexican.

what i mean is if you go to any other part of the US, the latinos you find are overwhelmingly mexican in nationality, in miami mexicans are not that common and instead you find all the other nationalities in large quantities, so while in LA 99% of the latinos you see out there are from mexico or small mexico looking countries like el salvador... in miami the latinos you find are cuban, colombia, argentinian, brazilian, haitian, panamenian, chilean etc. etc.

as far as quality of the people, it depends on the level of americanization (stay away from american born and raised latinas from miami) they're just your typical ghetto americanized skank you can find anywhere else in the states...... if you get to come into contact with the more traditional fresh off the boat type latinas then you'll be good..... because in miami u can find good values, traditional, feminine, can clean cook like back home type colombians, cubans or brazilians who've been in the country for 3 years or less so they are not americanized, and you also find your typical born and raised in america spanglish speaking baby popping welfare loving american-puerto rican or cuban skank as well.

as far as white people, you have two kinds..... yuppy all-american skanks that made miami beach their home..... or trailer trash southern hicks (yeah florida got those too)
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