A travel dilemma

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A travel dilemma

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Let's say you're living in country A. It's a shithole and you want to leave.

You know about country B, and it's appealing to you. It has most of what you're looking for, but a couple of things are missing. But overall it's a good place to live.

However, since it doesn't quite have what you want (the missing parts), you could go and live there, and at some point in the future you can explore other countries and eventually move to country C (wherever that may end up being).

Let's say that country C will have the things that country B is missing, but at the expense of other things. However overall it's an acceptable trade off, which overall would make it a better option than country B.

So far, no dilemma.

The country that you're currently in, country A, is a shithole. No doubt about that.
Country B is great, but not ideal.
Country C has what country B is missing, although you'd have to compromise a bit, which is not an issue.

But here's the problem. By spending time living in country B, you'd become very fond of it, and attached to it. You'd develop familiarity, you'd make friends, etc.

How do you tear yourself away from that, even though country C will be better overall? What do you do? Do you decide to stay in country B just because you've formed a bond with it? Or do you leave and feel the pain of losing what you've built up in terms of how you feel about the place?

Or do you just stay right where you are in shithole country A, and then at some point in the future find country C (wherever that may be), and avoid the dilemma altogether, even though it means staying in a shithole for who knows how much longer?

Is it better to get out of country A asap and have a better life overnight even though it means facing the above future difficult decision? Or stay put, and deal with an easier decision later?
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