Best Places to Meet Japanese Girls !

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Best Places to Meet Japanese Girls !

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Hello everyone, I will be traveling this month to Japan for a few months, does anyone know anyplace I can meet girls besides the bars, or clubs. I am currently learning Japanese, my Japanese as of now is very basic. I heard of some guys talking about meeting girls in Language Cafe's or Exchange Cafe's. For the most part I will be in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, and Tokyo areas. Also if anyone is down this month or next month let me know we can even meet up. One last thing to mention is I have been using an App to see where I am getting the most attention and its mainly in the areas I have listed above. However we know how flaky Japanese girls can be, so I want to meet more serious girls, I have only got close with 1 so far online, much of the rest just play games.
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