French women LOVE Brown men

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Post by reallyredlips »

Sorry just had to say this, I'm not a Brown nor Black male, but a "yellow" female (of mulatto ancestry) and I went to France and I received A LOT of attention from the white males there.

In France I seen many brown female/white male and black female/white male couples but I only seen one black male/white female couple (and the white woman in question had a rather Germanic appearance you find more in the populations of the UK and the US rather than France).

About French women adoring brown males in particular.. well it's more of a French thing regardless of sex.. Josephine Baker and Thomas-Alexandre Dumas who were mulattoes had many French lovers..

I notice the younger generation of French women (15-21) are more likely to date outside their race than the French males. The French males who date outside their race are like 25+

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Re: French women LOVE Brown men

Post by YourHusband »

just like to clarify that a good looking and westernized east asian guy would still do well in the US and other anglo countries, moreso than the majority of white men even. if anything, it would be the other way around; an asian man like that would find the most white american women ugly and know they aren't good enough for him.

and in regards to france, it's still a predominantly white country, so they most likely adhere to a eurocentric standard of beauty as well, so why exactly would brown men do better? especially due to the tensions caused by the muslim population recently, is there still that much of a novelty for browns in France?

and in regards to FinalShot's post about black men doing well anywhere, that certainly isn't the case; most black men are inherently unattractive and would certainly struggle in any western country. even in the US, the white women you see dating black men always tend to be of low quality; but then again, black men may have lower standards and be willing to take anything they can get. hollywood is pretty much useless because even most of the black men you see in hollywood aren't that good looking, plus much of black entertainment only appeals to niche interests.
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