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Newbie here

Post by Linc4Love »

Greetings all, I'm a 33 year old New Yorker who has been unplugged from the Femimatrix here for some time and have been researching traveling abroad to meet women, but mostly visit exotic new places I've never been to before.

I've been wondering, if I had to pick an area that promised women who tended to take their Christian beliefs more seriously, where would it be? Not Catholic by the way, Protestant. I was told it would be the Ukraine, as there are a lot of Protestant groups who have missions there, but I dunno. I'm probably more likely to visit the Czech Republic instead, since I've always wanted to see Prague.

Other than that, glad to see boards like this exist. I've been fortunate enough to remain single and debt free into my early thirties that traveling abroad is now an option for me. :D

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Post by Think Different »

Welcome Linc! Glad to have you. I can tell you first-hand that Prague is an awesome city and probably my favorite in the world.

As far as finding Protestant women, well....

The Czech Republic is actually one of the most atheistic in all of Europe, which is pretty much post-Christian already. I think something like 2% of Czechs ever even go to church. Most of the other Protestant countries in the world are Anglo countries, or Scandinavia, and you'll get enough warnings on here about those women (hint: VERY feminist). You might do best finding a 3rd world country with large Protestant enclaves that came about through missionary work. I'm thinking about Africa, the Caribbean or Central/South America.

Some of the other guys on here can hopefully steer you in a direction more specifically than I can.
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Post by Winston »

Welcome Linc. Must be fun to be in the Big Apple, with so many choices and Broadway Shows around you.

Is it easy to meet foreign women there? Or do you have to go to a university to meet them?

Foreign women vary individually in their Christian beliefs. Even countries who say they are a certain religion tend to be very materialistic.

You can try my friend's Christian Filipina site. It seems to have a lot of good girls on there.
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Post by Linc4Love »

Thanks for the welcome redguy and Winston!

So only 2 percent in CR are religious? Haha, that's still better than New York. :D It's pretty easy to meet out of town visitors or foreigners in the city, just stand in Central Park for 2 minutes. I live in the suburbs though, so I can't get into the city as much as I'd like. Oddly enough, people are far more friendly there than in places like Long Island, which is hands down one of the WORST areas you could live in, especially dating-wise.

The city offers a lot of opportunities but you really have to join a community group to improve your chances of dating better quality women. After a while as you bounce from group to group you start to realize, "Wow, these women really suck." Forget about approaching them randomly on the street or elsewhere too, as it rarely works. They are either in groups if they come from out of town and you have to deal with the pack mentality, or they are by themselves (which usually means they're local) and they give you that F__ off attitude the second you take one step in their direction. Usually you have to keep your eyes open to see if any girl is giving you more than a moment's glance, signaling her interest. Unfortunately giving their proclivity into playing mind games, their "flirts" are sometimes faked just for shits and giggles, and you can't always take them at face value. It's really sad.

I got turned on to the idea of dating foreign women though when I met a Ukrainian girl attending law school in Fordham several years ago.

Oh. My. God. :shock: Everything that I thought I knew about women was turned upside down by this girl. Polite, friendly, non-confrontational, no mind games, humble, sweet and kind, the very definition of a lady. The complete opposite of what I've always come to expect from American women.

Hence my desire to travel abroad now, if only for no other reason than to experience what it's like to be surrounded by women who aren't inclined to spit in your face or claw your eyes out just because you're a man.
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Post by Jackal »

Linc4Love wrote: So only 2 percent in CR are religious? Haha, that's still better than New York.
No, dude you have no idea! I spent a month in the Czech Republic several years ago and they are truly the most atheistic/nihilistic country you could imagine. They have giant statues of Frank Zappa. There is fountain in front of the Kafka museum which is a stone man with a penis that continuously squirts water and moves from side to side. Czech girls like hippie or big, burly biker-dude guys and often want to do little more than sit in the park and drink beer and smoke pot. They like guys who never try to show off or call attention to themselves beyond simply looking somewhat cool. They want the "strong silent type" or the "stoned silent type."

Of course, Prague is very beautiful physically and there are many beautiful old churches there. In fact, I think it's the pretteist city I've ever been to and the first few days I spent there just felt like a dream and I couldn't believe I was there. But many parts of the city are becoming tourist traps and are quickly losing their charm and many of the locals have begun to resent the foreign tourists. The prices of everything in Prague have gone up so much that ordinary Czechs can't afford to live there anymore. I found the locals to be quite unfriendly in Prague.

I would suggest just visting Prague for a few days and then going to a neighboring country before the charm wears off.

As I've mentioned before, Slovakia and Poland are more religious countries.
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Post by Linc4Love »

There's a singles tour that covers Prague as one of the cities, as well as Vienna and Berlin which you visit by train. It sounds like a nice tour and might be perfect for Prague, just sightseeing enough to see the awesome architecture, and then getting the flip out of there. :D
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