Three years in Asia, now in the USA

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Three years in Asia, now in the USA

Post by Joe_ »

Greetings. I'm fresh out of the military. I spent two years in Japan, one in Korea, and one in Turkey. The two years in Japan were the best time of my life. I'm back in the USA now.

It has been a big struggle to get back on my feet and find a meaningful job, but I am finally on track again. If things had been different, maybe I would have stayed in the military longer and would have had the chance to go to Japan again. It was causing me too much heartache so it was time to get out.

I wish I had been born Japanese instead of American. Japan has a much better society. All the women there are slender and take care of themselves. Going back to the USA was a culture shock. Half of the women here are fat. They are also loud, bossy, and unfeminine. They never dress up. One of my friends married a cute Japanese girl before leaving Japan. I wish I had done the same. I feel like I missed out on that.

Some people once said that Japan is a "closed society" and it's harder to make friends over there. I found out that the opposite is true. It's harder to make friends in the USA. Strange, huh? I go to church in the USA, but no matter how many different churches I go to, there are almost no people there between age 18 and 65, and no single girls. I just have average looks and the same height as a typical Japanese man, so I'm shorter than the Average American man. Western women are so picky that I don't stand a chance in the USA. I have no idea how anyone can meet a woman who is quality wife material in the USA. It seems to me that that type of woman doesn't exist here.

Now that I'm a civilian, I make less money and I'm living on a tighter budget. The military no longer pays me to fly all over the world. If I wanted to travel again some day, it would be on my own dime. Maybe some day, I will go overseas again.
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Re: Three years in Asia, now in the USA

Post by Yohan »

Welcome, nice to hear from you.
I am from Europe, living in Japan since more than 40 years - first in Tokyo, and after retirement in Okayama.

Japan is a very clean and safe country, I am happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay.
Many Japanese are not really so communicative, and there are also language problems if you cannot speak Japanese, especially out in rural areas - however Japanese people will never bother you - very little street criminality going on, you can go out day and night to any place in this country.
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Re: Three years in Asia, now in the USA

Post by Moretorque »

I think there is a big die off coming soon and the US is ground 0 IMO so pay attention. One good thing is these bitches will finally have to take their head out of their ass once the PETRO $ is gone creating this fake society.

Socialism truly is a bitch!
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Re: Three years in Asia, now in the USA

Post by jerryrigged »

I came back after a few years being gone. I've sort of settled right back into the nasty northern us city life I was used to. It took about two years. I enjoyed talking to people in Southeast Asia and now I prefer to just be left alone by most people. I've become a typical Bostonian again and it didn't even take long. I plan to go back to southeast Asia but it's going to take me some time to readjust. Honestly the american style of life Ive been living simply is not healthy
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