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Why Christianity tries to repress sex - David Icke

Discuss religion and spirituality topics.

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Why Christianity tries to repress sex - David Icke

Post by Winston » July 14th, 2010, 10:01 am

Check out what David Icke says about why sex was repressed and made a sin in Christianity, from his book "The Biggest Secret" which I'm reading now: (Page114)

"For reasons I will go
into in a later chapter, the more energy
we suck into our energy field, the
more power we have to create and
control our own destiny. It is vital,
therefore, that those who wish to
diminish and dominate us find ways to
limit the amount of energy we absorb.
This is where the manipulation of sex
comes in. The three lowest chakras are
the base, the sexual chakra just above
that, and then the chakra connected to
our emotional level in the solar plexus.
It is this chakra which stimulates the
‘butterflies’ and ‘nervous stomachs’
when we are worried or stressed. So
the Christian and ‘moral’ attitudes to
sex close down the base chakra and
what energy it does absorb is thrown
into turmoil when it hits the sexual
and emotional chakras because of all
the fear and guilt surrounding the
subject. This imbalances and
diminishes the entire human energy consciousness
field. Most Christian
clerics have no idea that this is so, but
those who have controlled Christianity and the Roman Church certainly do, because
they are in the knowledge stream that has been suppressed in the general population.
Each generation has been conditioned to think the Christian way about sex, whether
consciously or subconsciously, and they in turn have helped to condition the next
generation to think the same. But sex is wonderful. It is to be enjoyed. The ability to
express your love physically for another human being is an incredible gift. I don’t care
what your sexuality may be. Love is love is love. Let’s express it. If Augustine or the
Pope want to tie a knot in theirs, fair enough, everyone to their own, as long as they
don’t tell me how to live my life."

In other words, the elite try to use Christianity to suppress sex and make it a sin to cut off our "energy" and make us weaker, so we remain in a state of fear and left brain materialistic thinking, cutting off from energy that would open us to higher consciousness, awareness, creativity and therefore more power and freedom, which would have made humans less controllable. Makes sense.
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Post by MrPeabody » July 14th, 2010, 11:03 am

I use to believe something like this, but now I don’t think it is that clear anymore. Icke sounds like Al Gore –“I need release of my second chakra�. In the 1950s before the sexual revolution, men would get married in their early 20s and every man could find a woman eager to get out of the house and away from her father. If you had a job and a car, you were a big man. Now, after the sexual revolution of the 1960s, you have millions of young men who can’t find a woman and are desperate for sex. The sexual revolution hasn’t been good for them. If there were someway to measure it, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more sex in the 50s then now. All societies suppress sex to some degree, else a lot of energy is wasted in endless pursuit of unsatisfiable pleasures or rivalries destroy the harmony of society. Freud called this “sublimation� and says it is necessary for the progression of civilization.

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Post by Enishi » July 14th, 2010, 11:39 am

I used to believe stuff like this as well. Recently I also stumbled across this site:

The major claims therein are that harsh treatment of infants along with sexual repression is the root of violent behavior in human societies. The evidence presented in favor of this claim is convincing on one hand, but I think the author makes the mistake of ignoring other factors which support the creation of the low violence tribal groups he mentions. Trying to base the social policies of enormous civilizations off of small subsistence tribes is extremely foolish. It's one of the factors which lead to an explosion of divorce, single parent families and other maladies ever since the 1960s.

The danger of repression is a legitimate concern though. Part of the factor which causes girls in america to love badboys more than anywhere I think stems from being taught (whether directly or subtly) that sex is BAD AND NAUGHTY, and that GOOD girls shouldn't want it. This creates a subconscious conflict wherein they are guilty about natural longings, but still desire sex, and due to it's association with cultural taboos, they actually start desiring the badboy more fervently than girls in other countries.

That being said however, there are ways of allowing for a degree of non-monogamous polyamory which can be both healthy and safe. You can find information on this in taoism and tantra. It's something which is intended to be handled with great discipline and care however, and should only be pursued by mentally healthy people (which most americans aren't).

The approach here in America of simply removing the barriers to promiscuity and expecting everything to turn out ok is no different than tossing a mental patient out on the street and saying 'yo he will be ok, freedom rules!'. That, along with the 'it's all the men's fault!" misandry and trying to remove all financial and physical repurcussions from women's bad choices has been a disaster.

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