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Post by ssjparris »

you know i never liked it when people protect these crazy pychotic american women. what the f'n is wrong with them.

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Post by Repatriate »

jamesbond wrote:
boycottamericanwomen wrote:They were talking about the Boycott American Women blog on the radio this morning.

Here's the link to the radio show (scroll down to "Boycott American Women" and click LISTEN.

I just listened to this, those people at the radio station BASHED this guy and his website "boycottamericanwomen" even though he is right. It's funny how these talk show hosts DEFEND American women as being the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I listened to the show and it was 100% crap and as expected the manginas ran to the defense with their little radio show muppet woman insulting a man she's never seen calling him "bad looking." Pretty piss poor show really. On the other hand they do kind of agree at the end but reluctantly.
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Post by globetrotter »

The problem with defending against 'he is bad looking' is that very soon (1 or 2 years) facial recognition tech on photos will enable analysis of who you are.

So you post a profile photo to FB and someone steals your identity using your photo.
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Post by momopi »

boycottamericanwomen wrote:BOYCOTT AMERICAN WOMEN
Why American men should boycott American women
Men who have great social life and date pretty American women, have no desire to boycott American women.

Those with sh*tty dating/social life in the US, have no need to boycott something that they can't get.

If you're unhappy, vote with your feet and find happiness elsewhere.

If you spite the women who rejected you, consider that they were at least truthful and did not deceive you with their reply. Impress others with your character: when a women rejects you, smile, look at her in the eye and reply with "thank you for your honesty" and walk away.
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Post by djfourmoney »

Momopi that's the best answer. I'm not sure they understand the term boycott. You usually boycott something to get a change in attitude. Well hoping that mainstream American culture is going to change enough to allow those less successful to voice their opinion, is hopeless and pointless.

As I have said before my complaint about AW is not that I can't get AW of all stripes, its that what's available is below what I want or need. Those generally struggling in dating are struggling for other reasons but don't know how to fix whatever that is.

Some guys even go overseas and struggle meaning the problem is ultimately themselves.
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