high school diploma

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high school diploma

Post by hamdizzel »

alright guys you've convinced me I want to get my high school diploma
online instead of a GED for some damn reason i just can't pass the math
portion of the GED its the time i know it you only get 45 min for part 1
and 45 min for part 2 sucks big time math is some hard stuff you have
to calculate and all that so anyhow bulshit time f***ed me up.
are there any LEGIT websites where i can earn my high school diploma
in 2-4 years possibly? im willing to get that diploma i need it
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Post by Pacsun »


Just go to Job Corps. You will get your HS diploma in 6 months or yes. Trust me. All you do is sit in a class for a few hours and take computerized tests. If you keep failing the tests you can take it over and over and over until you pass it in class. You have to get an 80% or higher and these tests are easy. Go to Job Corps, get your diploma and study a trade. The program is at your pace. You can be at Job Corps for 1 year or be there for 3 months. It is your choice. Trust me, just sign up for Job Corps. You will get free meals, free education, free job training and when you graduate, they give you $1,200. Oh yeah, they give you free housing. They give you the choice to live in the male dorms instead of you living with your parents. This is the best option you have for a short period of time. Take this!
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Post by FuzzX »

From the website:

Courses in independent living, employability skills, and social skills are offered to all Job Corps students in order to help them make the transition into the workplace. For more information, please see our Recruiting Web site.

Holy crap... I wish they had something like that here when I was your age. Take all those courses man!


Heavy Equipment Operator (That costs $10,000 here for a 6 week course!!!!)
Heavy Truck Driving
Computer Technician
Pharmacy Technician
Water and Waste Treatment

Those would be my picks! I mean all of those things HERE in Canada pay 40,000+... you could work 6 months and vacation 6 months for the rest of your life.
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Post by Contrarian Expatriate »

I REALLY suck at math and I have what is called math anxiety thanks to my older sister (but I digress).

However, I realized in college that math needs nothing but repetition to master. If you are going to do a problem over and over again, you will master it.

Remember your formulas but writing them down again and again, and practice solving your equations and problems until you get it. It worked for me, but I still hate math and always will.
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Post by hamdizzel »

im gonna get my high school diploma online from a legit school
damn i shoulda done this earlier i forget i could get my diploma online.
and fuzz jobcorp sucks ass i been there for a few months i know
the living conditions are poor there is no quiet place to study
everyone is loud, rude and annoying especcelly your roommates
they won't give you an ounce of peace. and the rules oh shit
there is so many rules its worse then prison i mean it when i say that

the real issue with Jobcorp is the staff treat you like your
a child they don't treat you like adults. granted i sighed up for jobcorp
agian anyways just in case its needed but i don't think it is
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