2018: Where will you be traveling?

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2018: Where will you be traveling?

Post by TD-40 »

I'm interesting in knowing where you hope to travel this year in your quest for females. I hope to visit Colombia again like I did last year. I will try to do another AFA trip but I will go there myself if I have to.

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Re: 2018: Where will you be traveling?

Post by snede »

Ukraine. Probably Kherson and Kharkiv. Prague for a work meeting. Maybe Latvia. Maybe Budapest. Hopefully Poland.
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Re: 2018: Where will you be traveling?

Post by kavaking »

I'm contemplating Eastern Europe, but haven't decided on the country. So many good looking women in the east, its hard to decide.
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Re: 2018: Where will you be traveling?

Post by xiongmao »

Already in Eastern China but it seems poor for dating. If I stay then I will relocate back to the good old South (Guangzhou/Shenzhen).

I might have a side visit to Thailand although my sources say it's not as fun as it was 4 years ago.

Other than that, currently being foreveralone.jpg in my room. Currently writing code. Might as well be back home getting paid twice as much for doing the same work!
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